Did you know that nearly 150 million Americans and nearly 1 in 5 Arizonans over 65 years of age has diabetes (type II)? This health epidemic is surely one of great consequence as over 50,000 diabetics each year develop end-stage renal failure, among other life-threatening conditions.

“But it’s Thanksgiving! Just one day to indulge in gluttony—is that too much to ask for?”

We hear you loud and clear. However, diabetes isn’t a disease you can switch on and off just because pie is calling your name. But there is a way around the sugar-fest known as Thanksgiving Dessert: create and bring these 10 diabetic-friendly Thanksgiving desserts to Grandma’s dinner table instead.

  1. Almond Butter “Nice” Cream

This chilled dessert will keep everyone in your Phoenix household cool this Thanksgiving. Blended banana, almond milk, almond butter, and cocoa—what more can you ask for in a four-ingredient ice cream? With fewer than 14 grams of sugar and more than 5 grams of fiber per scoop, this delicious “nice” cream is perfect on top of #7 on our list (No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake). has the recipe for you.

  1. Millionaire Pie

What is “Millionaire Pie”? A diabetic’s dream come true, that’s what it is. Prepared in a graham cracker crust, this creampie includes fat-free milk, crushed pineapple, pecans, pudding, and the essential whipped cream filling. Best of all, Millionaire Pie can be made in the snap of Thanos’s finger, making it the simplest thing you’ll make at Thanksgiving.

Get the recipe here.

  1. Chocolate Stout Brownies

Your standard slice of chocolate-y brownie has enough sugar to feed every bee on Earth thrice over. These alternative brownies are much more diabetic-friendly—sugar is halved—and rich in satisfying flavor. The key ingredient: Coffee stout (beer). The stout replaces most of the sugar in the batter, leaving you with a very dense and delicious brownie to nibble on this Thanksgiving.

Check out for this diabetic Thanksgiving recipe.

  1. No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

With just 14 grams of carbohydrates and 7 grams of sugar per slice, this holiday cheesecake is one lean, mean dessert. Standard cheesecake crusts have loads of sugar, but this pumpkin cheesecake recipe includes sugar substitutes just for diabetics. Just swap the two sweetening agents and cool overnight. Top each slice with a dollop of whipped cream or “nice” cream and pomegranate seeds for a kick of creamy sweetness and tartness.

Read the recipe here, and start a-bakin’.

  1. German Baked Apples

Flavorful and juicy, these German apples (Bratapfel) are soaked in coconut oil and honey, packed with raisins, walnuts, and classic autumn spices, and left to bake for 40 minutes in the oven. Not only do they taste scrumptious, but they’ll also make your home smell like Heaven. Best of all, no granulated white or brown sugar is required to make these perfect little Thanksgiving desserts.

Add this recipe to your holiday repertoire by visiting

  1. Almond Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Break from tradition by lining your Thanksgiving dessert cart with these two-bite cookies. Buttery almond flavors mixed with a spoonful of dark chocolate sounds good to us. The addition of flaxseed and almond flour give these cookies a great texture, as well. Bake slowly at 350 degrees to create the best diabetes cookies you’ve ever scarfed down. Yum.

Visit Running to the Kitchen to read this gluten- and grain-free Thanksgiving recipe.

  1. Rustic Plum-Walnut Tart

Cut most of the sugar out of Thanksgiving pie with this super-tart tart. The crust is made from whole-grain pastry flour and spices, while the filling contains just 1/3-cup of sugar in addition to low-fat granola, fat-free milk, plums, red currants, and toasted walnuts. Prep and cook it in under an hour at 400 degrees for a warm end-of-meal dessert.

Grab the Thanksgiving dessert recipe online here.

  1. Tiramisu Bites

Flavorful (really flavorful) low-fat, low-sugar desserts like these are rare. The secret ingredient is freshly brewed coffee (chilled ahead of time) of any flavor you desire. Combine the coffee, sugar alternative, and all other ingredients into mini phyllo shells, chill overnight, and serve them up once everyone’s had enough turkey.

Get the recipe and read reviews by diabetics at Genius Kitchen.

  1. Fresh Strawberry Bars

If you can get your hands on some fresh strawberries in Arizona, this is the diabetic Thanksgiving dessert you’ll want to dish out. A peanut butter base, topped with berries and jam, chilled to a melt-in-your-mouth temperature—sign us up.

Save this diabetic dessert recipe in your memory banks by visiting

  1. Diabetic Pecan Pie

The Honda Odyssey is to minivans as pecan pie is to Thanksgiving desserts. Though it’s the quintessential sweet of the holidays, pecan pie is also one of the worst foods for diabetics to eat; a slice of pecan pie can have as much as 40 grams of sugar! Made with sugar substitute, this sweet alternative is much healthier and just as tasty. Bake at 350 and enjoy.

Print the recipe card online, and keep it in your Thanksgiving notebook for next year.

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