10 Reasons Why You Need a Car Dashcam

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Arizona had more than 127,000 car crashes last year, which accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars in collision shop restorations, insurance premium increases, and property damage repairs. That’s certainly a hefty sum. Although dashcams, or in-car dashboard cameras, may not directly prevent car accidents, they do serve to reduce drivers’ out-of-pocket costs after the dust settles. These are 10 of the best reasons why buying a good dash camera is so beneficial.

1. Indisputable Record of the Accident

Of course, the number-one reason to own a vehicle dash cam is to record car crashes – preferably ones in which you aren’t at fault. Dashboard cameras, or simply dashcams, act as witnesses of the entire accident, offering auto insurance companies, law enforcement, and juries or judges a front-row look at who’s to blame for the collision. Without this video evidence, guilty drivers may get off, scot-free.

Take this scenario: You’re in the righthand lane on the highway. Another vehicle is merging from the on-ramp but doesn’t yield to you, resulting in your vehicle rear-ending their vehicle. In most similar situations, the driver who’s in the back is assumed at fault. With dashcam footage of the accident, you can prove that the other driver did not yield as is required.

Essentially, the dashcam is the best proof to defend yourself in a court or when disputing an insurance claim. It will save you a lot of time and stress.

2. Prevent Auto Insurance Fraud

As sure as the sun is hot, you can bet there are unsavory folks out there who will lie, cheat and con their way to a payday. Some drivers will cause accidents in an effort to collect money from you and your insurance company. Even pedestrians will fake injuries after “being hit” by your vehicle (see video below). Dashcams dish out that sweet, sweet karma once the police show up to the scene.

3. Record Other Reckless Drivers

Road rage. Drunk driving. Hit-and-runs. People can be incredibly irresponsible behind the wheel, causing accidents, property damage and even injuries – or worse.

A dashboard camera records these incidents, so you won’t have to remember license plate numbers or vehicle models. Simply rewind the tape when reporting an unsafe driver. Many states allow residents to submit reports on reckless drivers. If you are a concerned citizen in Arizona, you can report a driver or incident by following the steps outlined at azdot.gov.

4. Capture the Family Road Trip on Video

Ensure every mile of your family vacation is recorded with a car windshield camera. Like a personal videographer, a 1080p dashcam captures memory after memory, enabling you to edit together a shareable video once you get back home. Wax nostalgic as you watch old family vacations unfold decades later — it’s the $100-ish gift that keeps on giving.

5. Great Teaching (and Tracking) Tool for Parents

If you’re a worried parent to a newly licensed teenager, a mounted dashcam is an invaluable tool. Not only can the recordings be used to educate, but they can also be helpful in monitoring how well or poorly your teen is abiding by the family rules. Newer dashboard cams for cars may also include GPS software that will record driving speed and routes taken.

Even so, a good dash camera isn’t a replacement for a safe car. Invest in a quality vehicle that includes advanced safety technology to protect your teen driver. Newer Honda models come with Honda Sensing, a suite of driver-assist and safety features, that safeguard all occupants of the vehicle. 

6. Extra Features

Old dashboard video cameras did one thing: Record video. Today’s modern dashcams have a ton of other useful features that make life behind the wheel easier, such as GPS navigation, trip and route management, high-def LCD screens, file management, motion-capture software, cloud uploading, and even solar-powered charging.

7. Identify Vandals & Hit-and-Runs

A new dashboard camera with motion-sensor activation is an excellent investment — especially for drivers in major metropolitan cities like Phoenix. The camera will turn on and begin recording if your vehicle begins to move while parked. Buses could sideswipe your mirror off. Vandals may spray paint and destroy your windows. Attempted break-ins, tire theft, unlawful towing and even shopping cart run-ins will activate the dashboard camera, too.

And if your camera automatically uploads video to the cloud, you can witness the damage from anywhere.

8. Monitor Drivers in Fleet or Commercial Vehicles

Businesses with a fleet should absolutely consider installing dashcams in all their vehicles. These dashboard video recorders help to track employees’ actions while conducting business. Implementing dashcam systems in all company vehicles may also allow you to get a substantial discount on your business’s insurance.

9. Proof to Get out of a Ticket

If you’re pulled over for an alleged traffic violation you didn’t commit, recorded dash cam footage can help you get out of a ticket on the spot. Of course, police officers may still issue you a citation, which you can appeal and dispute in a court of law using that dashboard camera video. Doing so will not only invalidate the fine, but it will also prevent you from accruing points on your driving record or paying more in auto insurance premiums.

10. You Could Save Thousands of Dollars

Again, the benefit of owning a car camera is to save yourself money. The price of a decent dashboard camera for your vehicle is negligible compared to the potential cost of collision repair and insurance rate increases, let alone any court fees associated with defending oneself.

Need help choosing the right in-car camera system for your Honda? Read dashcam reviews before buying one.

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