10 Safe April Fools’ Day Car Pranks

Nearly everyone enjoys a creative, good-spirited April Fools’ prank. But while twirling rubber bands around sink sprayers and putting air horns under office chairs may garner giggles, there’s something to be said about pulling a harmless yet fun prank on someone’s vehicle. (Hey, even Honda got in on the action a couple years back, releasing the faux nineties-themed “Pastport” trim level for its all-new Passport SUV.) 

If you need a unique practical joke to play on April Fools’ Day this year, try one (or all) of these 10 car pranks. 

10. “Slashed” Tires

Guitarist Slash Car Tires

You arrive fashionably late to work. (“There was an accident on Papago. Took forever to clear up.”) As your coworker mocks you, let them know that someone slashed their tires. Watch gleefully as they run out to check on their car. 

Little do they know, the perpetrator was you! In fact, the Papago was free and clear all along; your tardiness was due to the fact that you had to tape pictures of Slash, the Guns N’ Roses guitarist, to all four of your coworker’s tires.

9. Post-Its

Post-It Note Car Prank

Ah, the classic post-it note car prank. While it’s been done thousands of times before, it’s still one of the better April Fools’ Day gags to pull on a close friend, family member, or Chad from work. Many laughs will be had at your victim’s expense. 

However, the post-it note April Fools’ prank does have several drawbacks:

  1. It takes forever to put them on, and you’ll likely need a couple of friends to assist. 
  2. It can be costly; if your victim has a 2021 Civic, for example, the math works out to be about 4,500 post-it notes, or 45 100-sheet packs (total: $50).
  3. It’s not very environmentally friendly. 
  4. You’ll probably have to help remove them all.
  5. If you plan on leaving a worded message, you’ll want to plan ahead of time to ensure you’re spacing everything out well.
  6. No one will ever trust you around paper or office supplies again.

Will post-it notes ruin the car? No. The adhesive that’s used doesn’t damage car paint or leave any residue. So, sticky away, if you don’t mind the drawbacks listed above.

8. “Open Door” Sound

(Warning: This April Fools’ car prank is not recommended on newer cars or if you’re a novice.)

If you’re skilled with electronics and know your way around soldering irons and relays, you may be able to modify the “open door” chime inside an older vehicle. Do we know how to do it? Not a chance. But you can wrack your brain and toss yourself into some rabbit holes here, here, here and here.

7. Bumper Sticker

Seahawks Bumper Sticker

Is your friend a fan of the Cardinals? Why not pop a Seahawks decal sticker on his or her rear car window? We’re sure they will love it, and it will have only cost you a roll of quarters.

Of course, on April 2, it’d be nice to offer your friend a hand with removing the sticker and even washing the car. 

6. Fake Cracked Windshield

Golf Ball Cracked Windshield Prank

In the middle of the night, drive to your buddy’s house and hit a golf ball into his car window. 

Our lawyers told us that this car prank was not advisable, so instead of physically damaging your friend’s vehicle, buy a $10 decal that makes it look like you did. These April Fools’ prank car decals and stickers will give the impression that a rowdy Dustin Johnson has a bone to pick with your pal. 

5. Canned Cat Food

Car Prank Cat Food

Open a can of wet cat food (or sardines/anchovies), put it underneath the driver’s seat, and shut the door. That’s all there is to it. Boy, is your victim in for a stinky surprise on April Fools’ morning.

4. Air Vent Party

Funnel. A/C vent. Confetti or glitter. You’ve got yourself a car party. (Note: For driver safety, make sure you set the A/C controls to the “on” setting. Otherwise, the party might start while the vehicle is in motion, which would be a no-no.)

3. Leave a Note

Note Under Wiper Blades

Write an apology note and place it under your victim’s car’s windshield wipers. What apology, pray tell? A “sorry for denting your car” apology, obviously. The only things missing will be the perpetrator’s contact information and an actual dent, which your friend won’t find out until after they inspect every square inch of sheet metal. April Fools!

2. Photoshop Scratches

Keyed Car Scratches

You can take your April Fools’ Day prank further yet by putting your Photoshop skills to good use. Snap a few pics of your friend’s car. Load them up in Photoshop. Add scratches (tutorial here). Then send the picture to your victim, telling them that someone keyed their car. 

1. Creepy Rearview Camera

Creepy Rearview Camera

This is a perfect April Fools’ Day prank for your spouse or partner. Tape or fasten a creepy picture—the above image is Harry from Harry and the Hendersons—to your victim’s rear fender or license plate, ensuring that it’s placed in front of the car’s rearview camera. Test it out by turning the car on and switching gears to “reverse.” Adjust as needed. Then wait for the most infuriating yet hilarious text messages you’ll ever read.

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