20 Unique Valentine’s Day Date & Dinner Ideas

Valentines Day Date Ideas near Phoenix

Whether you’re going on a first date or celebrating your 20th anniversary, Valentine’s Day is a must for couples. But a typical, overpriced (and highly unoriginal) “dinner and a movie” just doesn’t cut it come February 14. Get creative. Live a little. Be bolder than a freshly uncapped Sharpie®.

Take your Valentine’s Day date to the next level with these 20 unique, novel and downright romantic ideas.

1. Take a Mini Road Trip

Excite the senses and travel the countryside—or desert, if you’re from Arizona—on a special Valentine’s Day road trip. Plan your little voyage out in advance to ensure all the best destinations are visited; if your husband is infatuated with miniature airplanes, for instance, you should stop at the Hazy Library in Prescott, AZ, to see the world’s largest to-scale collection of tiny two-winged contraptions. It’s the little things in life, right?

Need a better vehicle for all your adventures as a couple? Let us introduce you to the Honda Passport, a sporty, rugged midsize SUV that’s taken the world by storm. Its versatile interior maximizes space for cargo while its versatile exterior offers enough ground clearance for most off-road escapades. Road trips, mini or otherwise, should be fun, not uncomfortable.

2. Skydive

Want to make your beau’s heart skip a beat? Strap him to a parachute and launch him out of a moving plane from 13,000 feet up. Who knew a lifetime of thrills could be had in just 60 seconds?

3. Try Horseback Riding

In a land before cars, a majestic creature called “the horse” was the chosen mode of transportation. Today, horses are mostly ridden as a leisurely activity. My, how times have changed. This Valentine’s Day, saddle up and grab the reins at a local ranch, such as this one in Phoenix. Equestrian expert or novice, you’ll have a blast riding a horse for fun.

4. Do Some Painting (and Wine)

Sip some vino and create some subjectively gorgeous paintings at a paint-and-sip class. You may not end up being the 21st-century versions of Van Gogh and Picasso, but at least you’ll both have memorable keepsakes to hang up in the hallway.

5. Take a Dancing Class

Tired of being Elaine Benes on the dance floor? Start taking dancing lessons with your spouse or partner on Valentine’s Day. Salsa, ballroom, contemporary—whichever type of dance you choose, it’ll be worth it. (Have you seen Elaine dance?)

6. Try Roller Skating

Grab your date, lace up the skates and scorch your local roller rink. Roller skating, especially at night, is just as romantic today as it was in the seventies.

7. Go Wine Tasting

If you and your partner like wine, this is a no-brainer. Head to a local winery.

Arizona has over 100 wineries spanning from Scottsdale to Gilbert to Peoria. Many of them offer daily and special Valentine’s Day wine tasting to customers. Did we just plan your entire Valentine’s weekend?

8. See a Concert at a Dive Bar (or Coffee House)

Crowded stadiums and loud arenas can be $50-per-ticket headaches. Head to a nearby dive bar for live music from a local band, or quietly sip java at a coffee shop while a singer’s acoustic guitar gently weeps. For whom does it weep? The world may never know.

9. Splash at the Waterpark

Fun will be had by all at a waterpark. If you’re lucky enough to live in a state with warmer winter temperatures, your area’s waterparks may be open on Valentine’s Day. Phoenix’s Oasis Water Park, for instance, opens on Valentine’s weekend. If not, look into indoor attractions.

10. Sing Karaoke

Belt out Alanis. Hit the high notes like Whitney. Whip out that southern drawl like Cash. Everyone’s favorite bar activity is a great way to conclude Valentine’s Day.

11. Play Paintball or Laser Tag

Team up or go mano y mano on the paintball field or laser tag arena. Both options are great bonding activities that ramp up your adrenaline and keep your heart racing.

12. Go Camping

In some parts of the country, camping in February isn’t smart. Not so in Arizona. This Valentine’s Day, block out the weekend and spend time cuddling with your special someone around a blazing campfire.

For any first-time campers, it’s imperative you have the right vehicle to get all your gear to and from the campgrounds. There’s no better option than the Honda Ridgeline. With a convenient dual-hinge tailgate and lockable in-bed storage compartment (with a drainplug), the Ridgeline has more than enough room for camping equipment—and then some. Speak with our Honda dealers near Phoenix if you’d like to see the Ridgeline in action.

13. Visit a Psychic or Fortune Teller

Fortune favors the bold, and isn’t your goal to be bold this Valentine’s Day? It makes sense to visit a fortune teller or medium for a couples’ palm or tarot reading.

14. Go to an Open Houses

Spend the afternoon in other peoples’ houses—legally, of course. Find open houses in areas where you’d like to someday live. Dress the part and play make-believe while you tour the home. “Honey, don’t you think our Cherry armoire would look fabulous in this space?”

15. Adopt a Pet

Nothing says, “We’re in a committed relationship” better than owning a pet. Add one more member to your growing family by adopting a dog or cat from the local humane society.

16. Make Pottery

Become the Swayze to your lady’s Demi by taking a pottery class together on V-Day. Make a duo of vases, coffee mugs or ashtrays without really having to know what you’re doing.

17. Do the Hot Ones Challenge

Scratch the romantic dinner at home on Valentine’s Day. Instead, aim to burn the roof of your mouths off by doing your own Hot Ones Challenge. Ten spicy chicken wings up, ten spicy chicken wings down—and nothing to show for it except lips made of lava.

18. Record a Song

Musically inclined couples, why not head to a recording studio for a few hours? Make a short 3-track EP of your favorite tunes, wedding song or even originals. It’s actually quite affordable to rent a recording studio; some Phoenix locations charge just $50 per hour, and if you show up having rehearsed, you can pump out three songs in a few hours.

19. Take a Helicopter Tour

Get to the choppa’ on Valentine’s Day. Take a little tour over your city, snapping photos of famous landmarks and your ole stomping grounds.

20. Reorganize Your Bedroom

You know the excitement you feel when moving into a new house or apartment? You can recreate that feeling by simply cleaning and rearranging your bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Planning the layout of a room is a great bonding exercise, and you may even get to sneak an Ikea trip into your plans.

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From all of our Valley Honda Dealers, we hope you have the boldest of bold Valentine’s Days. Feel free to visit one of our Arizona dealerships near Phoenix to get more details about any new Honda model or find a pre-owned vehicle for your budding family.

* Cargo Volume based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard plus, where applicable, floor space between seating rows and seats in their forward-most and upright position.