Both the HR-V and Crosstrek deserve praise for being bright spots in a severely oversaturated SUV and crossover market. With dozens of new SUVs coming out each year, these all-stars frequently sit atop the class, but it’s the 2018 HR-V that is really setting its sights on the top prize. Read through this HR-V vs. Crosstrek comparison to see why our Phoenix Honda dealers think there’s something magical about Honda’s latest compact crossover.

Subaru Crosstrek

HR-V’s Clever Cabin

With the 2018 HR-V, Honda has made great use of the innovative and super-nifty Magic Seat—the same setup can be found in the Honda Fit—to provide owners with a flexible amount of cargo space at the drop of a hat.

Flip up the 60-40 seat cushions to store a bike or LCD screen. Pop the seats into the floor for 58.8 cubic feet of storage room. Fold the front passenger seat down, and you’ll have about 8 feet of space to work with. And if you keep everything as it’s supposed to be, you get 24.3 cubic feet in the cargo area. Guess we know what the “V” stands for in “HR-V”: Versatility.

The 2018 Crosstrek, on the other hand, offers just 51.9 cubic feet of maximum storage space, and only 20.8 cubic feet with all the seats in their original and upright positions.

The HR-V: Proof that Hondas are Always Stylish

Looks can be a deciding factor for many car shoppers. While the Subaru Crosstrek is certainly easy on the eyes, it’s the HR-V that will melt your heart. A striking resemblance to the CR-V, the HR-V looks the part of an SUV with its sharply angled tailgate and side curves. Although wagon-like vehicles are sprouting new wings in 2017, the Crosstrek remains a callback to a time when paneled station wagons should have been outlawed from public roads.

The new HR-V EX-L Navi also comes with a few standard features that are either optional or nonexistent in the Crosstrek Limited, including:

  • Magic Seat
  • Moonroof
  • Auto-adjusting electrochromic rearview mirror
  • Built-in navigation

Fuel Economy Comparison

Fuel Economy Comparison

The base models (HR-V LX and Crosstrek 2.0i) are equally skilled combatants in the MPG-Dome, but it’s the Honda crossover that wins the last laugh. Thanks to a smaller yet peppy-enough 1.8L I-4, the HR-V returns 34 mpg on the highway, besting the Crosstrek’s 33 mpg. Close but no cigar, Subaru.

Honda vs. Subaru: All Comes Down to Sticker Price

If we put these two crossovers toe-to-toe, it’s easy to see why more shoppers are swarming to the HR-V. Both the base and range-topping HR-Vs (EX-L) can be had for a few thousand dollars less than the comparably equipped Crosstrek 2.0i (base and Limited trims, respectively). Plus, with the current Honda offers that are available at our Valley Honda Dealers, you’ll certainly spend fewer bucks on an HR-V.

Explore a whole new world with one of Honda’s newcomers: the 2018 HR-V. Compact in size yet spacious enough for any family adventure, this superb SUV is ready to be yours. Visit any of our Honda dealers near Mesa or Phoenix to score a game-winning deal on the new Honda HR-V or any of our other 2017 and 2018 Honda models for sale. Our Happy Honda Days sale is currently in town, so you won’t have to haggle to get a good price on the HR-V.

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