2022 Honda Odyssey: Parents’ Minivan of Choice

Life moves pretty fast. In one moment, your kids are crawling, drooling, babbling messes. Then you blink, and your kids are having kids of their own, holding jobs, debating which season of The Crown is best. Don’t let time play you like a fiddle. Embrace the family life with a family minivan like the new Honda Odyssey, and keep everyone together just a little longer. 

2022 Odyssey: Parent Reviews

While it’s true that production for the 2022 Honda van was marred by recent supplier issues—due to the closure of Shop-Vac, the much beloved HondaVac was begrudgingly yet forcibly discontinued on Honda Odyssey Elite and Honda Odyssey Touring trims—the new Odyssey very much remains a “top minivan for families” candidate. In fact, many parents still think the best family van of 2020 is also the best family van of 2021, for various reasons. 

“Thank You, CabinWatch”

With two teens, two pre-teens, a dog, a grandparent, and two parents holding everything together, we have a full van. All. The. Time. Literally not a single square inch can be spared for anything other than the necessities. But what really makes the new Odyssey my best friend isn’t its clever storage space, cubbies or seating configurations—it’s CabinWatch. (You try going on a long road trip, let alone to the grocery store, with four kids doing God knows what in the back!)

Honda Odyssey - CabinWatch

Thanks to CabinWatch, I can monitor the gang without having to physically stop the car or whip my head around like an owl. I just tap the screen to activate the camera and watch all their misdeeds, which I can then use to blackmail them later, if I so wish. CabinWatch even has a night-vision mode, so I can keep a watchful eye when it’s dark, and pairs impeccably with CabinTalk, Odyssey’s in-car PA system.

I have no doubt that the Odyssey is the best large family van for this very reason. Thank you, CabinWatch.

– Danielle C., Tempe, AZ

“Haven’t Found One Thing That Has Not Exceeded Expectations”

I haven’t even had the Van for a month yet and have taken two long trips in it and put over 4000 miles on it. I haven’t found one thing that has not exceeded expectations. Plenty of cargo space and plenty of legroom for all passengers. The engine provides more than enough pick up.

John S., Truecar.com

“The Best Minivan for Car Seats”

With a newborn on the way, my partner and I began researching the safest minivans to buy even before the second trimester started. We read minivan reviews. We test-drove the so-called best minivans for kids. We watched videos, checked safety ratings, looked at resale values. We even asked van-owning people we knew what they recommended. The consensus? Go with Honda. 

We’d heard that the 2022 Odyssey was coming out, so instead of buying used, we waited. A week went by. Then a month. When the third trimester began, we started sweating—should we bite the bullet and get a 2021 model or something older? No. We persisted. That very weekend, our local Honda dealer in Scottsdale had them in stock, and we drove one off the lot Saturday afternoon.

Honda Odyssey - Best Minivan for Car Seats

On Sunday, I took on the task of installing the child car seat per state law. After hearing horror stories, I figured installing the car seat in our Odyssey would take an afternoon of blood, sweat, tears, and some light cursing. To my surprise, it was easy. Odyssey’s intuitive LATCH anchors were simple to locate and even simpler to utilize. After double- and triple-checking my work, everything seemed to be in order, and I’m sure this is the best minivan for car seats.

Skip to three weeks later. We’re being sent home from the hospital with our newborn son. His car seat is installed properly, and we’re grateful for Odyssey’s Magic Slide seat, which allows us to move him closer within reach to the front row. Before we leave, we pull down the side-window sunshades—it’s looking like a marvelously sunny day in Scottsdale. 

We were one of the first on our block to buy the new 2022 Odyssey. Now parents in the neighborhood are asking us for recommendations on a minivan. #AlwaysOdyssey.

– Bob J., Scottsdale, AZ

“Not the Minivan of the Past”

Best multi-generation car available! After week one I am anticipating a second generation of many road trips. This car is roomy (8 comfortable leg room seats) yet zippy to drive. Turning radius on a dime and super comfortable seats. The Elite Odyssey is luxurious and a dream to drive. Certainly NOT the minivan of the past. My family is safe, lots of cargo space and lots of room for the very tall parents and oversized baby seats. Let the fun begin!

Adventurous Grandma, Cars.com

“The Best Minivan for a Family of Five”

When we bought our first Odyssey back in 2013, we had two twin toddlers and an eight-year-old to wrangle on the daily. So, we visited all our local dealers searching for the roomiest minivan for kids. Between the popular Town & Country, the tiny Nissan Quest, and the new Honda Odyssey, it was the Odyssey that won our hearts. It was larger, had more versatile features for families, and received top-notch reliability ratings. 

Little did we know, as constantly busy parents, our hands-down favorite minivan feature turned out to be the built-in vacuum over those first few years. I can’t tell you how many ponytail holders and crinkled straw wrappers we’ve picked up, but it’s been a lot.

Once our kids became what society would call “miniature adults” who know more about technology than either of us, that HondaVac hose ironically started collecting dust. (We must have raised our children to be somewhat clean?)

Best Minivan for Family of Five

So, after a recent accident led us to retire our old Honda minivan, we jumped at the chance to go vacuum-less with a new 2022 Odyssey EX-L. Yeah, for parents with younger kids, the loss of HondaVac sucks, pun intended. But for us, even without the vacuum, it’s still the best minivan for a family of five. The Odyssey offers more passengers space than the Sienna, lots more cargo capacity than the Voyager, and better fuel economy than the Sedona. You can’t ask for any more in a family van.

– Jennifer J., Phoenix, AZ

Ready for the 2022 Odyssey?

The 2022 Honda Odyssey is available for sale and lease at a Honda dealer near you right now!

Vac or no Vac, this new Honda van remains one of the best minivans for families in 2021. But if you simply cannot lead life without an in-car vacuum cleaner, you can get an incredible deal on a certified pre-owned Honda Odyssey van at your nearest Honda dealership. 

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