Special moms need special Mother’s Days, especially right now. When you’re stuck at home on that fateful Sunday in May, make plans to do something fun and something creative with Mom. Here are some good Mother’s Day ideas for gifts, crafts and activities the whole family can get down with.


21 Mother’s Day Crafts & Activities


  1. Yarn Letters

You may yawn at the idea, but there’s a surprising amount of fun to be had crafting yarn-wrapped letters to hang around Mom’s new at-home office. (Find directions here)


  1. Fabric Covered Paper Weight

Paperweights don’t get any prettier. Use some felt or Mom’s favorite fabric, Mod Podge (glue), and your own imagination to create this cute Mother’s Day gift. (Find directions here)


  1. Photograph Coasters

Some old bathroom or kitchen tile. Nostalgic photographs. More Mod Podge glue. The end product will be a trip down memory lane with every morning cup of coffee. (Find directions here)


  1. Car Seat Storage

Sew a Velcro storage solution for the back seat of Mom’s Honda Pilot. This will keep the cabin tidy and free from clutter/toys/markers/electronics/items you should have thrown away years ago. (Find directions here)


  1. Handcrafted Flower Pots

Get crafty with some basic household throwaways. Disposable cups, plastic spoons, tissue paper and craft paint can transform these everyday items into a mini garden even a botanist would adore. (Find directions here)


  1. Scrapbooking

Spend Sunday morning with Mom, going over old photos of the whole gang eating foot-longs at the Grand Canyon. Lay out a scrapbook and bond over what was, what is and what will be.


  1. Origami Bookmarks

Practice your origami and create a unique placeholder for Mom’s favorite E. L. James novel. Once you’ve mastered the craft, you’ll be able to make these fun bookmarks blindfolded. (Find directions here)


  1. Oat Milk Carton Bird Feeder

If you’ve got an old wooden spoon and empty oat milk (or milk) container lying around, your Mother’s Day craft has already been decided. The only thing left to figure out is where to hang it. (Find directions here)


  1. Mother’s Day Book

Print out this free book for Mom to know just how much you love her. For younger kids, the page prompts are excellent to get their creative juices flowing. (Find directions here)


  1. Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Transform those blistery old popsicle sticks into a colorful family photo frame. Paint or markers, buttons and knick-knacks, and a clip are all it takes. (Find directions here)


  1. At-Home Spa Day

Plan a full day at the spa for your mom, complete with a mani-pedi, massage, hot bath and more. Best of all, Mom’s Living Room Spa has a strict pajamas-only rule.


  1. Mother’s Day K-Cup Bath Bombs

Fish those empty K-cup containers out of the trash – there’s a use for them outside of the landfill! Create scented bath bombs for Mom using this recipe. (Find directions here)


  1. Wallpaper Recipe Box

Some simple craft items and a basic wooden box will transform the family’s bland recipe book from “meh” to “super chic.” (Find directions here)


  1. Breakfast Ice Cream Sundae Bar

No one says Mother’s Day breakfast must be nutritious and healthy. Binge on Mom’s favorite creamed ice, yogurts of frozen, and hot syrups of fudge and caramel. (Don’t forget the maraschino cherries – at least that’s a fruit.)


  1. Homemade Coffee Syrup

Who needs fancy syrups from fancy cafes and coffee shops? Make your own lavender, honey and vanilla java taste-boosters right on the stove. (Find directions here)


  1. “Pounded” Flower Tote

Dingy, old white canvas bags will get a whole new lease on life with a fresh coat of…flower juice? We didn’t know it was possible, either, but it seems like you can dye fabric with a hammer and daisies. (Find directions here)


  1. Painting Class

Block off a morning to hang out with the puffy-haired master, the canvas guru, the artiste extraordinaire himself: Bob Ross. Together, you, Mom and the whole family can be painting happy, little mistakes. (Browse Bob Ross videos here)


  1. Body Sugar Scrub

The expensive sugar scrubs at the store can be made at home for nickels on the dollar. Pillage the cabinets of granulated sugar, oil and old tea bags, mix in some essential oil, and Mom will be all set for her spa day (see #11). (Find directions here)


  1. Car Wash

Even when the family’s Honda Odyssey isn’t adding to the odometer as it normally would, that doesn’t mean it’s clean. Let Mom sleep in and wake up to a shiny, new-looking vehicle. By Sunday afternoon, she might even be tempted to take everyone on a Mother’s Day road trip. (Get car wash tips here)


  1. Geode Wine Stoppers

Talk about a simple Mother’s Day gift you can send to Grandma, aunts, sisters and any special mom in your life. Although new corks can be purchased cheaply at most craft stores, now’s your chance to recycle any old wine corks. (Find directions here)


  1. Take a (Virtual) Vacation

Explore the Louvre. Tightrope walk on China’s Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. Hike up to Machu Picchu’s peak. Tour the Sydney Opera House. Once you’re done with those family vacations, you’ll even have time for a special Mother’s Day lunch. (Find more online tours here)


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