Now that you’ve earned your diploma, you are undoubtedly conceiving plans to become a well-adjusted adult that any parent would be proud of. But adulthood is nothing like the Intro to the Beatles 101 elective you took as a junior. There are no options to withdraw from a course you don’t enjoy—you’re in this for the long haul, which means you need a vehicle fit for a big boy or girl.

As you begin the second act of your homemade film called “Life,” be sure to have the right co-pilot by your side. Here are five important features and systems you should be looking for in your first adult-sized vehicle. Good luck, champ.

Spacious Cargo Area

Welcome to adulthood. Now it’s time to start buying real groceries, not solely prepackaged noodles and microwaveable frozen dinners. That means multiple paper bags full of fresh veggies and fruit to bring home. While carrying a bag or two of food onto the bus was fine in college, you’ll want something a bit more convenient as a grown-up.

Enter: The Honda Fit, one of America’s best-selling hatchbacks. The new Fit is incredibly versatile, offering five unique cabin arrangements, or modes, thanks to its 2nd-Row Magic Seat®. This incredible 60-40 seat can be adjusted to accommodate nearly any type of gear you can imagine.

Kept in the standard four-seater config, the Fit provides comfortable seating for four to five, as well as 16.6 cubic feet of storage space.

Pop both back seats down fully into the floor to enter Utility Mode, which pushes usable cargo space to an astounding 52.7 cubic feet—just enough to lug around your bike or a short loveseat that you definitely didn’t dumpster-dive for.

In Long Mode, fold both passenger seats (front and back) down to transport, well, long items, up to about 10 feet. So, if you find some rare, skinny Bigfoot in the deserts of Phoenix, your Fit will have enough room to bring him back to civilization.

Remove the rear seats’ headrests, lift the cushions, and configure the Fit into Tall Mode. This arrangement allows you to haul items as tall as 4 feet, such as that half-dead ficus tree your roommate forgot to water all throughout spring break.

Lastly, for all those moments when you really need to take a nap during lunch, recline the front seats back to form an impromptu bed. Just be sure to set your alarm.

Have we convinced you that the 2018 Honda Fit is right up your just-graduated alley? Come check out all the new Fit models we have for sale! With Honda dealers throughout Phoenix, Tempe, and the surrounding Arizona cities, we’re easy to find.

Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

We live in an era where cords are becoming antiquated—and that is becoming a fact even in the cars we drive. Of the many new car features that arrive each year, wireless phone charging pads are among drivers’ favorites. They’re convenient, effective, and allow you to drive clutter-free. Just plop down any Qi-compatible smartphone or tablet—just about any smart device manufactured within the last 2 years is Qi-compatible—onto the pad, and you’ll be rocking a 100% battery soon enough.

Many new Honda models, including the 2018 Civic, feature a wireless charging area. Come check out our new and certified used Honda Civics for sale near Phoenix to test the effectiveness of Honda’s latest cordless charger. You’ll be flabbergasted at how far technology’s come in just a handful of years.

Adaptive Cruise Control

If you find a job that forces you to commute through Phoenix traffic during rush hour (sorry), your right shin is probably as swole as Dwayne Johnson’s bicep. But we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to trade in that buffed-up, Hollywood physique for something a bit more practical.

With Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), a proprietary Honda Sensing system, you can keep those shin splints at bay. Essentially, ACC monitors the flow of traffic and changes speed or applies the brakes based on the status of detected vehicles in front of your Honda. Set your speed and following distance, give your leg a rest, and arrive home happy.

Honda Sensing is available on every new 2018 Honda model. Care to test any of these safety features out? Swing by your nearby Valley Honda Dealers location around Scottsdale, and we’ll show you what each feature does.

Honda truck

Tailgating Features

You may not ever want to go back to 7:00 AM biology classes again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support your alma mater on the court of the gridiron. In fact, one of the best things about graduating from college is going back for home games. But your beat-up jalopy has no right to be tailgating! You need something that’s ready for every big play.

To become your school’s tailgating king, consider buying a compact truck with all the bells and whistles, like the Honda Ridgeline. As 2017’s National Truck of the Year, the Ridgeline returns for 2019 with all the same incredible tailgating features you could ask for.

First, the 150W/500W truck bed outlet allows you to televise all the big Saturday action around the grill.

Next, the in-bed audio system—which is an industry-first feature—delivers the tunes separately from the cabin. It can also be operated easily via an app.

Lastly, the Ridgeline’s pièce de résistance: An in-bed trunk. Offering 7.3 cubic feet of space and a drain plug, the Ridgeline’s trunk is the cooler you never knew you needed. Fill it up with ice, toss in some cold ones, and enjoy the afternoon.

Before the beginning of the next ASU football season, get into tailgate shape with a new Ridgeline. Read more about the Honda Ridgeline, and contact your nearest Valley Honda Dealers to schedule a test drive.

Honda Infotainment System

Fully Connected Infotainment System

Could you live without your laptop, phone, or tablet? Probably, but it wouldn’t be much fun. While fun may be in the eye of the beholder, no one can argue that having a robust in-cabin infotainment center isn’t cool—especially if it’s from Honda.

With Honda’s infotainment system, you’ll find yourself in a vibrant digital world that allows you to:

  • Activate the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation for turn-by-turn directions and 3D-rendered buildings.
  • Stream your favorite playlists using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which also works through Bluetooth to send you audible text messages and phone calls.
  • Use the Wi-Fi hotspot to check in on Reddit.
  • Remote-start your engine or lock and unlock your doors using the HondaLink app.
  • Search for nearby restaurants, parks, businesses, and other locations.

With such an incredible array of features, you may very well want to live in your new car. (It’ll save on rent, too.)


As a graduation gift to you, we have special Honda offers available to ensure you aren’t spending too much on your first car. Take a peek at our Honda incentives, browse our selection, and request a quote on your preferred Honda. When you’re ready to take that next step toward car ownership, reach out to your nearby Valley Honda Dealers location around Phoenix. Congratulations on your graduation!



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