The secret to an impeccable family road trip isn’t the route you take or the destination you choose—it’s the steps you take to keep the young ones entertained. As you begin planning your family’s next cross-country tour in your minivan or SUV, don’t forget these car seat accessories that make life as a parent a little easier.

Car Seat Headrests

You may not fall asleep at the wheel (hopefully), but if you’re lucky, your kids will saw some lumber through a good portion of your road trip. For older children positioned in booster seats, “sleep slump” is a common napping position, much to the despair of parents across the country. As adults, keeping our necks bent at Exorcist-like angles for more than a few minutes leaves us in severe pain; imagine sleeping like this for hours!

A great product to solve this cringe-worthy problem is a neck pillow or car seat support system, such as an Amiba Monsters headrest. Situated on your child’s lap, the pillow offers support for the neck once the sheep start jumping fences. Large and small Amiba pillows can be purchased for under $50, and there are many other car seat headrests available on the market.

Car Seat “Accident” Protector

When nature calls, sometimes your kids answer the phone prematurely, leaving you with a mess to clean up at the next rest stop. A solid waterproof liner or car seat protector can eliminate early-elimination accidents much quicker and easier than the standard scrub-gag-scrub process parents despise.

However, for your child’s safety, it’s important to utilize the right accident-proof car seat pad. Check the car seat manufacturer’s website for a list of accessories that may help you keep those #1s and #2s from ruining your vacation. Common car seat pads include the Britax Seat Saver, Diono Dry Seat Cushion, and the Deluxe Piddlepad®.

Sippy Cup Catcher

Parents learn to contort their bodies in extreme ways while driving, all in an effort to pick up dropped items in the back. Although the common phrase is “don’t cry over spilled milk,” that’s easier said than done when that milk covers your Honda CR-V carpets.

Enter: Cup Catcher, a parent’s best friend on road trips. The Cup Catcher attaches to your infant’s car seat via a patented tether; when that infant haphazardly launches his sippy cup into the air, Cup Catcher ensures it stays within arm’s reach. Best of all, it can be attached to high chairs, strollers, shopping carts, and just about anywhere else your baby seemingly wants to ruin. Save your Honda seats and floors by grabbing one of these car seat accessories for under $20.

Road Trip Travel Tray

Tired of cleaning up French fries, chips, and apple slices from the floor of your car? As handy as the Honda Odyssey’s built-in HondaVAC is, there’s a limit to how many messes you want to vacuum up. Too bad there isn’t a car seat snack tray that keeps those messes from spreading to the carpet.

Or is there? With the Travel Tray, those rogue snacks never have to end up under your seat! A perfect kid-friendly accessory for road trips, the BPA-free Travel Tray fits snuggly into your child seat’s cup holder and swivels around for easy access. When it gets dirty (it will), just toss it into the dishwasher! For under $20, how can you go wrong with this car seat accessory?

Back Seat Organizer

The clutter created by children can be astounding. “How did that get there!?” The word “organized” isn’t in your kid’s vocabulary yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start teaching him early. Buy or create your own DIY backseat organizer, and hang it within reach of his car seat. His superhero action figures can go there, as can markers, coloring books, and whatever else his little heart desires. Anything to keep it off the floor, right?

If you need a Honda accessory to make your road trip go off without a hitch, feel free to contact one of our Honda dealers near Phoenix. We can order and install any OEM Honda accessory for you, including roof racks, cargo organizers, and all-weather floor mats. Enjoy your family vacation!

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