5 Brilliant Tips on How to Name Your Car

What’s in a name? When it comes to vehicles, a lot, surprisingly. Just imagine Herbie, the cute, beat-up Beetle, with a fast car name like “Brimstone,” or The Dukes of Hazard’s General Lee burning rubber around southern Georgia as “Tinkerbell.” See? They just don’t have the same oomph.

Choosing the right nickname for your car is almost as important as choosing the right car (almost) – and it always boils down to personality. If you’re wondering what to name your car – whether it’s a brand-new Honda Civic or an old rust bucket you bought from your local used car lot for peanuts – here are some good ways to get your name generator (a.k.a. brain) firing on all cylinders.

1. License Plate

Unless you opt for a personalized license plate, your state will send you a generic one with a random mixture of letters and numbers. Take this as a challenge to find a car name that matches.

So, if your new license plate is “743LZR,” for instance, your car name should be quite evident: Bonnie “The Lazer.” A plate with the numbers “007” gives you the name “Bond.” A plate with the letters “CNC” would translate to “The Music Factory.” (You get the idea.)

2. Car Color

Of course, the color of your vehicle should help you come up with an appropriate name, too. Take a look at some of these car name ideas, separated by car color:

Black Car Names

AbyssAce of SpadesBatmobileBlack Beauty
Black WidowBladeCrowDahlia
Dark KnightKITTKnight RiderMamba

 White Car Names

Snow WhiteStay PuftSubzeroWalter

Red Car Names

BullCarrot TopCherryChucky
CliffordConanEl DiabloElmo
FoxyGinger SpiceJoanLadybug

Blue Car Names

BabyBalooBeastBlue Meanie
BluebirdCobaltCookie MonsterDory
Dr. ManhattanGenie (Jeannie)GonzoGrover
MakoMystiqueNightcrawlerOsmosis Jones
SonicSullyViolet BeauregardeYondu

Gray/Silver Car Names

GraysonHi-HoIron ManKnight
Silver FoxSilver SurferSmokeSteely Dan

Gold/Yellow Car Names

‘NanaBertBig BirdBling
BlondieBumblebeeButtercupColonel Mustard
Crown RoyalDaisyDijonDucky
HoneyKing MidasLiz LemonPonyboy

3. Alliteration & Rhymes

When you’re choosing a car name, it’s not a crime to rhyme. “Rhonda the Honda” is an excellent, catchy name for your Accord, as is “Mitt the Fit” for your Honda Fit or “Rick the Civic” for your Civic. Similarly, you can go with a tried and true naming tactic: Alliteration. Drive a Honda Pilot? “Penelope Pilot” has a certain ring to it, for instance.

4. Celebrity Name Puns

Brainstorming “punny” car names is more difficult than you’d expect – trust me. Famous people (actors, musicians, athletes and the like) are an excellent source to find a fun, creative nickname for your vehicle. Name the car after your favorite famous person, or get some inspiration with these popular celebrity name puns:

Andrew CarfieldArt CarfunkelBrad FitCoast Malone
Justin TimberbrakeKevin CarnettLandon DonominivanMacarlay Culkin
Michael Rapa-PassportMinivan MorrisonRichard GearStephen Wheelberg
Taylor DriftTina TurnersignalVincent Van GoWhitney Boostin

5. Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle can organically point you in the direction of a good car name.

Got a big, honkin’ 8-seat SUV, like the Honda Pilot? Names like Big Bertha, Titanic, XXL, Yeti, Tank and El Grande might come to mind. Or you can go heavy on the irony by naming him Little John.

Do you prefer the minimalist lifestyle with a Civic Coupe by your side? Why not name your small car something like Peanut, Munchkin, Mini Mouse, Shortround or Half Pint?

500+ Car Nickname Ideas

“Boy” Car Names

Your Civic Si two-door, with its sporty 18-inch wheels and menacing glossy black grille, is a unique specimen. It deserves its own sports car name, don’t you think? Try one of these manly car names on for size:

Alice CouperAxleBalboaBarracuda
BenderBentleyBig BoyBig Daddy
Billy the KidBlade RunnerBlitzBlunderbuss
Bond, James BondBoomerBoomerangBruno
Captain MalCaptain AmericaCar RamRodCarZilla
Chick MagnetClint BeastwoodCoupe-De-TatDark Ghost
DarthDesert EagleDie HardDiesel
Dirty HarryDominatorDr. ZoomDraco
DrakeDriverEddie Van HalenEliminator
Fast and FuriousFat CatFearlessFighter
GoodfellaHan SoloHarry PotterHellboy
High FidelityHigh VoltageIndestructibleIndiana
IndominusInfernoInvincibleIron Maiden
Iron ManJack SparrowJimmy CaroppoloJolly Roger
Jurassic PorkerKaneKing of the RoadKlutch
KrakenLeviathanLightning McQueenLightspeed
Lil LadyLone RangerLow RiderMach 1
Mad MaxMatchboxMax PowerMaximus
MeatballMidnight RiderMillennium FalconMotor
Mystery MachineNamNight FuryObi Wan
Old SmokyOptimus PrimePhantomPoison
PoseidonPWN MobileRaging BullRambo
RendezvousRiddickRockin’ Rollin’Rocky
Rusty GriswaldScarfaceSeverusShot Gun
SideswipeSilver GhostSirenSkull Crusher
SlickSolar EclipseSpeed RacerSpeed Demon
Steely StanStreet DemonStrikerTarzan
T-BoneTexas RangerThe Big LebowskiThe Chopper
The SmolderThe SubThorThunder
ThunderboltTonkTony MontanaT-Wrecks
UnstoppableUSS EnterpriseVaderVoldamort
VoyagerWarhammerWarlockWarp 10
Whiskey WagonWraithZiggy StardustZoolander

“Girl” Car Names

If you’re the proud owner of a Honda Fit dressed in Orange Fury paint, you shouldn’t settle for a generic car nickname. Instead, think of a cute car name that just rolls off the tongue, like Skittle or Honeybee. Scroll through the list of fun “female” car names below for more ideas:

BeatrixBellaBettyBetty Bop
Black BeautyBlack WidowBlancheBobbie Sue
BonbonBrienne of TarthBubblesBuffy
CherCherry BombChitty Chitty Bang BangChristine
Chrome QueenCinderellaClaireClarice
FionaFloFoxy BrownGoddess
HannahHarleyHermioneHighway Diva
Holley ShiftwellHolly GolightlyHoneyHoneybee
Hot MamaIvyJellybeanJuno
LadyLady MacbethLadybugLara Croft
LeelooLexyLil’ Miss SunshineLittle Lady
Liz LemonLoisLovebugLucille
MademoiselleMagnoliaMan EaterMarilyn
Mary PoppinsMatildaMean GirlMerlot
Miss MuffinMoanaMonroeMystique
Pippi LongstockingsPoppyPrincess LeiaQueen Bee
Rainbow RiderRed Riding HoodReginaRey
SansaSarah ConnerSavannahScarlett
Suzy QSweet StreetT SwiftThe Royal Carriage
VixenWicked WitchXena 

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