6 Rideshare Accessories Every Uber & Lyft Driver Needs

Lyft and Uber Accessories for Drivers

It takes more than just a driver’s license, auto insurance, and a good car to become a rideshare driver and earn extra money. To receive a high driver rating, you’ll need to make your passengers feel safe, secure, and comfortable. The best way to accomplish this is to fill your vehicle with convenience—both for you and your riders.

So, in addition to having a reliable, safe and fuel-efficient car like the Honda Accord Hybrid, you ought to invest in the best vehicle accessories to make your job easier (and get you more tips as an Uber or Lyft driver).

What Rideshare Drivers Should Have in Their Cars for 2020

Of course, you’ll want the basic ridesharing gear in your vehicle: Spare facemasks, hand sanitizer, a good phone mount, AUX or USB cables, cleaning supplies, and water for passengers. But don’t forget to include these items before you accept your first Uber or Lyft rider:

1. Dash Cam

Perhaps the most important accessory for an Uber or Lyft driver is a good dashboard camera. Dash cams keep rideshare drivers protected from fraud, document all forms of passenger abuse, and can help to invalidate bad driver ratings. Seriously – if you don’t have a dashcam yet, don’t start ridesharing!

What should you be looking for when buying a dashcam? The best dash cam for rideshare drivers is one that offers both front- and rear-facing cameras. This ensures you are capturing video of the road and of your rear passengers.

You’ll also want a dashboard camera that records audio. (You’ll want to hang a sign in the back that informs passengers that they are being recorded, for legal reasons.)

If you’re an Uber or Lyft driver in Phoenix, we also recommend buying a dashboard camera that is not mounted via suction cup; these have a tendency of falling off windshields in low humidity and when exposed to direct sunlight.

Another option to help you keep an eye on your passengers is to invest in a Honda Odyssey, which comes with CabinWatch. This system utilizes a rear-facing camera that overlooks both 2nd– and 3rd-row passengers. Ask your Valley Honda Dealers near Phoenix if you’d like to see the CabinWatch system in action.

2. Backseat Entertainment

Rear Seat Entertainment System

If you drive for UberXL or UberSUV, you may have an SUV with a rear entertainment system installed. This is a great opportunity to give your riders a chance to watch a film or show, either through a DVD or Blu-ray Player, or streamed right from a smart device.

The Honda Pilot offers an excellent SUV entertainment system for ridesharing. Riders can listen to streaming audio, watch videos, and play quick games via the vehicle’s available Wi-Fi hotspot connection.

Rear Tablets

Ridesharing tablets can also be purchased by Uber and Lyft drivers to increase tips and get better ratings. These tablets include a variety of apps and games, can be mounted easily to seatbacks, and some will also come with a built-in data plan with over-air updating capability.

Wondering which Uber or Lyft tablet works best for you? Check out the popular brands and services, like TripCam, Octopus, and Alfi.

3. Window Sun Shades

Honda Odyssey Sun Shades

Greatly improve the comfort of your passengers by installing cheap sunshades in the rear side windows. (They’re virtually essential if you’re driving for a rideshare in Arizona.) You can request a Honda sun shade from your nearest Honda parts store, including those within any of our Phoenix-area dealerships.

4. Air Ionizer

When preparing your car for Uber or Lyft driving, don’t forget about purifying the air. Instead of standard Little Trees™ or other scented fresheners, which can affect riders’ allergies, get an air ionizer, ozone generator or purifier.

What’s the difference between these air-filtering devices?

  • Electronic air ionizers, which are usually plugged in via a USB cord or DC car outlet, change the way air pollutants (e.g. “car stank”) travel in the air. Instead of being inhaled, the ions will adhere to surfaces and naturally decay.
  • Ozone generators eliminate bad smells by altering their molecular structures, then create a natural ozone within the cabin.
  • Air purifiers use filters (HEPA cabin air filters, usually) that filter cabin-circulating air through the HVAC system. These systems can reduce pet hair, dander, and other small particulates that may cause allergic reactions, too.

Try out each option!

5. Back Support for Drivers

When doing hard work, like landscaping, a sore back is an acute pain that usually resolves after rest. But if you have a sore back or sciatic pain when driving, those problems may become chronic and debilitating. A good lumbar-support pillow or backrest is good preventative medicine.

Finding the right lumbar support for drivers is hit-or-miss. Some Uber drivers do best with hard-foam backrests; others like cushioned pillows with neck and head supports. If you have questions or concerns about possible driving support devices, discuss options with your doctor.

6. Seat & Floor Protection

Some riders will follow the golden rule of ridesharing: Treat others’ vehicles the way you want yours to be treated. Others will leave your car an absolute disaster zone. Expect the latter from every passenger by protecting your car’s seats, floors and doors.

Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers

Once you drive an Uber or Lyft for a month, you’ll realize that your rear seats will be taking a beating. Leather seats will begin to crack and fade sooner than expected. Stains on fabric will seemingly show up out of nowhere. Food spills aren’t uncommon, either.

Don’t risk it – buy a good seat cover that will protect your back row from life’s messes.

Car Door Edge Guards

Honda Pilot Door Guards

A door edge guard will protect your vehicle’s doors from nicks, scrapes, dings and dents. You can usually order genuine guards for your door at your dealership’s auto parts store, though there are non-OEM products available.

If you’d like to buy a color-matched door guard for your Honda in Arizona, contact any of our Valley Honda Dealers. We can even order and install your Honda door protector for you!

All-Weather Floor Mats

Honda CR-V Floormats

A pair of all-season or all-weather floor mats will keep your back row protected from mud, gum, gunk and all other forms of nastiness that can get tracked in by riders’ shoes.

Note: It’s best not to get cheap floor mats for your vehicle, as they can be very low in quality. An OEM vehicle mat is a better bet; they’re specially designed to fit your model, so they won’t slip, slide, or damage your carpets.

#1 Tip on Preparing Your Car for Uber

As a ride-hail driver for Uber or Lyft—or if you’re delivering food for Postmates, Grubhub or another similar service—you’ll be putting a lot of excess miles on your vehicle. As such, it’s absolutely critical to have your car inspected and maintained monthly at your dealership’s service center. This includes regular oil changes, tire rotations and balancing, battery checks, and brake service.

For Uber and Lyft auto service in Phoenix, visit any of our Arizona Honda dealers. We can perform all your routine car maintenance quickly. Contact your nearest Valley Honda Dealers location to schedule an appointment today!