If your dad gets unnerved hearing the word “bogey,” he probably could use some help on the golf course. Lucky for him, you’re there to lend a hand. As Father’s Day is just around the corner, now’s the time to start researching the best golf gear to get Dad. Here are seven gift ideas to get you started.

Indoor Putting Mat

Even when Dad can’t get out to the course, he can practice sinking birdies with this modern indoor putting mat from WINCAN. Holes are positioned uphill to simulate a real putting green, and balls are automatically returned via good, old-fashioned gravity. Plus, Dad can roll it up on Friday afternoon and bring it home for weekend training sessions.

Installing an indoor putting green isn’t terribly affordable, but the WINCAN putting mat is cheap at around $60. Father’s Day golf gifts don’t get much better than this.

Swing Analyzer & Virtual Golf Coach

Practice makes perfect, but practicing incorrectly can be detrimental to newbie golfers. With the Swingbyte device firmly attached to your dad’s driver or iron, he’ll always have a golf coach to guide him. Swingbyte records his swing and uploads the data straight to the cloud, allowing him to analyze everything from club speed to impact zone to swing tempo. If hiring a PGA Tour-experienced coach isn’t within your price range, this is the next best Father’s Day gift to decrease your dad’s handicap.

Research and order Swingbyte online before June to ensure it arrives on time.

Swinger Box Monthly Subscription

Not really sure what your dad needs on the golf course? A gift card to a Phoenix pro shop is too impersonal to be a Father’s Day gift, but a subscription to a monthly box of golfing swag is perfect—it’s an equal mix of “I care” and “you are incredibly difficult to shop for” sentiments.

The Swinger Box includes all the golf apparel and gear Dad could ever want or use in a month, such as tees, new golf gloves, polos, caps, and specialty Swinger Scout balls. Dad can even set his own preferences online, so he’ll never be a fish out of water when on the links. Boxes start at just $20 per month and can be ordered from

GPS & Performance Tracking System

Dad may not always make the best decisions on the golf course, but with the Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System, he won’t have to go it alone. Featuring 14 pinpoint sensors, Arccos gives your dad the right tools to track every hook and slice in his repertoire. He’ll know the precise distance from his lay to the pin and be provided guidance to choose the best club, removing the guesswork out of the equation.

Arccos is a bad golfer’s dream. At under $250, it’s also an amazing idea for a Father’s Day present. Visit to add it to your cart.

New Golf Push Cart

Golf carts are for zeroes. Push carts are for heroes. Give Dad a reason to get some exercise with a new TwiSwivel cart from BagBoy. It features a lockable 360-degree swivel wheel, adjustable support arms, an aluminum frame, and an integrated umbrella stand. Best yet, it is lightweight and can be folded up in just three simple steps.

Priced under $250, this golf bag cart is a practical Father’s Day gift that any golfer would love. Order your dad one at

Phoenix Golf Course Membership

If Dad or Grandpa is on the fence about retiring, subtly nudge him out of the workforce on Father’s Day with a Phoenix golf course membership. Various local Arizona courses offer memberships, including:

Don’t let him say you’ve never given him anything.

Authentic Honda Accessories

Authentic Honda Accessories

Getting to and from the course is no small task, even if it looks easy. A few strategic Honda car accessories make it that much simpler for Dad to find his way onto the front nine. Our Phoenix Honda dealerships, well as our Scottsdale dealer offer a wide range of Honda accessories that can be easily installed in our Honda service centers. Here’s a look at some excellent Honda accessories we offer:

  • A lockable Midsize Roof Box, perfect for Dad’s Honda Pilot, offers up to 16 cubic feet of storage for drivers, irons, and putters.
  • Cargo Covers for the rear storage area of a Honda SUV are retractable, durable, and conceal any valuables left behind while Dad tees off.
  • A Honda Trunk Tray keeps your dad’s Accord or Civic as clean as a baby’s bottom. It’s molded to fit any Honda model, offering protection from muddy cleats, spilled drinks, and more.

Of course, you know your dad best. If what he’d really like this Father’s Day is something bigger, grander, and powered by gasoline, you know what to do: visit one of our Honda dealerships near Phoenix to get him the gift that gives for miles and miles. Browse our current Honda deals and lease offers for special Father’s Day pricing on the most popular Honda models. And contact your nearest Honda Dealership in Phoenix to get him a test drive.







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