In Arizona, we’re all about being a world-class state. Let’s face it, we’re the only state in the union that can claim the best-preserved meteor impact site in the world. We’re also one of the only states that offer summer camping in the winter. (Think about Quartzsite, where every self-respecting RV enthusiast can be found from December through March.)

So, we Arizonans take pride in our outdoor pursuits, and we’re a resilient lot. In fact, we’re so tough that we even camp in the 120-degree heat all throughout summer. As such, we need special camping gear to keep that sweltering desert heat at bay. Here are seven of the best camping accessories you should have when pitching a tent in Arizona.

Exclusive Honda Tent 

Do you like tent camping? Or are you more into glamping (glamour camping)? Either way, Honda’s ingenious creation may be one of the best Honda camping accessories ever! Its spacious 10×10 frame easily sleeps 6 campers. Best of all, you get full access to your Honda PilotOdyssey, or Ridgeline from the tent. So, back right up and unload your gear easily. No tedious lugging involved!

Solar Panels

If there’s something Arizona has plenty of, it’s sun. So, if you’re camping in Phoenix this summer, consider using it as a source of power.

Many of us have depended on generators for a long time. We’ve also spent a small fortune on diesel. But sometimes, we dig deep into our Arizona roots and reject convention for some real solutions.

Many savvy Arizonans order solar panel systems from Amazon or Wholesale Solar. These are advertised as complete kits, but they still need to be installed. If you’re the DIY type, you can do the work yourself, but most people pay between $1,000 to $1,500 for professional installation services. There’s much to be said for hiring a professional. You’ll get great advice on important matters such as circuit protection and the kind of solar charge controllers you need to have on hand.

Amazon’s Solar Elite is priced at just a little over $2,600. The kit comes with a 2000-watt sine wave Inverter Charger. However, campers need to be aware that this level of wattage may not sufficiently power an air conditioner unit. Which brings us to…

Inverters & Inverter Generators

Why are inverters important camping accessories? Answer: if you want to power computers, ovens, cell phones, and air conditioning units, you need AC (alternating current). The solar energy that is stored in batteries is released as DC (direct current). See the problem? This is where inverters come in. It converts DC to AC so you can run that laptop, microwave, or air conditioner. To power an air conditioner, you may need a pure sine wave inverter that puts out from between 2,500 to 3,000 watts of power.

If you don’t want to bother with inverters, you may consider an inverter generator. Did you know that Honda created the world’s first sine-wave inverter generator in 1998? According to Consumer Reports, inverter generators are quieter and more fuel-efficient. They also generate cleaner electricity, which better preserves our modern microprocessor-based electronics. Inverter generators supply stable electricity according to user demand. So, you reap significant savings on fuel. 

Honda Ridgeline Hard Tonneau Cover

Die-hard summer campers know that water is a must. So, pack at least a gallon of drinking water a day for each camper. If you’re a Honda Ridgeline owner—and if you’re not, come to our Phoenix Honda dealerships to become one—you’ll love the sturdy, tri-fold tonneau cover. Protect your water storage tanks while traveling in style. Imagine giving Bond-level protection to your most precious resource! With Honda, it’s all about elegance, mystery, and practicality. 

Portable Water Storage Tank & Honda Trailer Hitch Ball

This 25-gallon tank makes it possible to cart your waste away without breaking up camp. Instead of hauling your RV along, just attach the tank’s tow bracket to your Ridgeline’s trailer hitch ball. Take your sturdy Ridgeline along, and leave your RV secured to your favorite spot. Now, that’s what we call Honda convenience!


What Valley Honda Dealers Offers You

Camping in Arizona isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re wondering how you’ll outlast the Arizona heat during the summer, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Proudly serving campers in the regions of Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, our numerous Arizona Honda dealerships can find you the perfect camping accessory in no time. We’ll even install it for you!

And if you like camping, you’re going to love our Honda deals on ideal camping vehicles like the Ridgeline, Odyssey, and Pilot. Why? Because we consistently beat the competition when it comes to great sales. It’s all part of the Honda ethics of putting people before profits. 


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