With 2017 firmly behind us, it was only a matter of time before the year’s “best of” trophies were handed out by the auto industry’s premier experts, critics, and aficionados. Car and Driver, perhaps the most well-known automotive authority in the public eye, has released their choices for best vehicles of 2018, and Honda has scored big—bigger than big, in fact—reeling in a total of eight Editors’ Choice Awards. Here they are, y’all.

8 Honda Models Win Car _ Driver’s 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards

2018 Honda CR-V

First up, in the “Compact Crossover/SUV” category, is the 2018 Honda CR-V, which Car and Driver editors call the “MVP” of its class.

Returning an efficient 33 mpg (highway) with its 184-hp four-cylinder, the latest CR-V also packs some of the segment’s best SUV features and styling, including new additions such as:

  • Optional 1.5L turbo-four (190 horsepower)
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Automatic high beams
  • Driver-attention mirror
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Dual rear-seat USB
  • Sportier body

Among the many (many) reasons the new CR-V earned a spot on Car and Driver’s list is its class-leading cargo space. Fold the 60-40-split rear seats down for over 76 cubic feet of room—enough to hold 25-plus carry-ons. A deep and highly configurable center console slides around to offer even more convenient storage solutions.

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2018 Honda Civic

All five Civic models earned Car and Driver Editors’ Choice Awards for their respective segments. That includes the coupe, Civic Type R, hatchback, Civic Si, and the venerable sedan.

Versatile and comfortable from front to back, the 2018 Civic sedan is just as fun to drive as its iconic predecessors. It carries over the 2017 model’s six-speed manual transmission to inspire confidence when taking those twisty-turny roads and cul-de-sacs around Chandler, AZ. The ride is just right; its balanced chassis, sporty stance, and phenomenal steering are on par with some of the heavyweight (i.e. “expensive”) cars in the compact class. The 174-hp turbocharged four-cylinder is a swift do-gooder, too, returning 42 mpg on the highway and hitting 60 mph in a blistering 6.9 seconds (CVT transmission).

And that’s not even taking into account the other Civic models to make the list, like the superb hatchback.  We invite you to take any 2018 Civic for a spin around Phoenix to witness perfection in action.

2018 Honda Accord

2018 Honda Accord

An annual 10Best addition, the Honda Civic makes it on Car and Driver’s list of best cars once again in 2018.

“We squealed in delight about the transcendent subtlety that comes with the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four in the high-end models [of the Accord].” That’s not the only thing about the new Accord that’s worthy of a squeal.

Light steering is easy on the fingertips. The cabin is as roomy as we’ve ever seen in an Accord, as are its back-bolstering seats. A full toolbox of Honda technology exists inside, with lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and an intuitive touchscreen and infotainment system leading the charge. There’s really no reason not to love the Honda Accord, which is the main reason why this perennial favorite has made the grade year after year.

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2018 Honda Ridgeline

The Ridgeline is the sole midsize pickup truck on Car and Driver’s radar, making it the best truck by default.

Its tech-driven features and ample interior storage solutions are unheard of in the segment. The rear seat cushion flips up to create 50 cubic feet of storage space, which is more than enough room to stow away your mountain bike. A swath of tech surrounds the dashboard, including tri-zone climate controls, an 8-inch display, optional heated steering wheel, and more.

The Ridgeline’s in-bed trunk pushes the truck-car boundaries even further, offering 7 cubic feet of room to be used for securing tools or even as a tailgating cooler. Its AC outlet in the bed sidewall can easily power a medium-sized TV, too, and the in-bed audio system makes the Ridgeline an audiophile’s mobile happy place. Honda’s innovative approach to engineering a truck has all but guaranteed the Ridgeline will have a place on the Editors’ Choice list for years to come.

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2018 Honda Fit

2018 Honda Fit

Perhaps the most aptly named car in the country, the Honda Fit offers an amazingly flexible interior without feeling gimmicky—not a small feat, to be sure. It’s this otherworldly practicality that makes the 2018 Fit one of just four small hatchbacks to make the Editors’ Choice list.

With the seats up, the new Fit looks humble. Configure that rear Magic Seat just right, and that humbleness becomes more like a humble-brag: even the bulkiest and most awkward of items can “fit” in the Fit. Fold them flat into the floor to load your mountain bike. Pull the seat bottoms up to transport a few house cacti from Tempe to your new home in Scottsdale. Or do both for the ultimate in configurable storage solutions.

Yes, it’s true: This extraordinary multipurpose hatchback exists, and you’ll be surprised at how handy it can be. Come test drive the 2018 Honda Fit today at your closest Honda dealership near Mesa.

2018 Honda Odyssey

The legacy of the Honda Odyssey continues in 2018. Roomy and filled with family-friendly features, the 2018 Odyssey is a five-star, eight-seater minivan that secures its spot amongst the best in its segment.

The HondaVAC keeps the cargo area clear of desert sand and forgotten tater tots, and the Magic Slide seats can be reconfigured in various ways to expedite the task of loading and unloading kiddos—two big reasons parents keep opting to buy the Odyssey. Another notable inclusion to the new Odyssey is its in-car PA system, CabinWatch, and CabinTalk. Even with your eyes on the road, you can monitor all the exploits going on in the rear seats, turning you into a true chauffer.

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