8 Safe Trick-or-Treating Ideas During the Pandemic

Although Arizona slowed down its COVID-19 transmission rate over the summer, we’re certainly not out of the pandemic-ravaged woods yet. Maricopa County and most of the Phoenix Valley is still considered a “high risk” area, according to the CDC, and normal trick-or-treating is not recommended. (Neither are trunk-or-treats/trick-or-trunks, hayrides, haunted houses or any other traditional forms of Halloween fun — sigh.)

Alas, we can’t skip October 31st, and many Phoenix residents are left wondering what to do with their kids and families if trick-or-treating is canceled or too dangerous. Luckily, you can still celebrate Halloween safely in 2020! Check out these unique activities if you’d rather not trick-or-treat this year.

One-Way Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating in Arizona doesn’t have to be canceled altogether—it will just look a lot different this year.

Set up your trick-or-treat area at the end of your driveway or yard instead of your front door. Individually wrap goodie bags full of candy, line them up on a table, and let trick-or-treaters grab one. This allows you to continue to social distance like the responsible adult you are!

The CDC and experts do suggest that you do take additional precautions, however. Wash your hands before and after preparing goodie bags. Purchase your bulk candy at least 5 days before making your goodie bags, which will allow any active coronavirus pathogens to die naturally.

Halloween Drive-In Movie

Create a socially distant drive-in movie theater for the whole neighborhood or just a few close friends and family members.

Set-up is pretty simple if you’re a tech-savvy individual. Portable projectors are fairly cheap these days and work well enough with a Bluetooth speaker. And you can simply hang a white sheet up on your garage or in your backyard if you’d rather not buy a projector screen to watch Hocus Pocus for the 50th time.

Virtual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Take to the internets to get your annual trick-or-treating fix!

With UNICEF’s virtual trick-or-treat event, you can support kids in need while also creating a fun Halloween at home for your own children. Participants can also host their own virtual costume-reveals and play fun Halloween games and activities. Learn more by going to www.unicefusa.org.

Trick-or-Treating Piñata

Not only is October 31st Halloween, but it’s also the start of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Celebrate the holiday with a family taco night, followed by some board games and the cracking of a Halloween-themed piñata. (Tip: If you need to buy a piñata, place the order early, as this will be a popular Halloween activity in 2020!)

Halloween Scavenger Haunt

What’s better than a treat? Solving a puzzle to earn that treat!

Create a scavenger hunt, either around your house and yard or in the neighborhood, and give your children clues to discover the hidden goodies – almost like geocaching or an Easter egg hunt, but about a zillion times spookier. 

The final treasure should be immense and full of yummy snacks and maybe even a new Hocus Pocus Blu-ray. Heck, you can even transform your Honda Ridgeline’s in-bed trunk and cooler into a capsule for your candy trove. There’s ample room in there–over 7 cubic feet–for handfuls of full-size candy bars, a whole thingy of jelly beans, and even a few creepy Halloween decorations to scare the socks off your kid.

Neighborhood Costume Contest

Plan a friendly “Best Halloween Costume” contest with your neighbors (use the Nextdoor app if you’ve been a recluse during this whole pandemic).

The contest is pretty simple: Participants will sit in their yard, showcasing their costumes, while judges walk or drive around the neighborhood and grade everyone. You can even take this a step further and create “Best Decorated House” and “Best Jack-o-Lantern” contests, too. Whatever works to make this Halloween a little easier to handle!

Trick-or-Treat Drive-By

Some people trick-or-treat by car, but this option takes vehicle trick-or-treating to a whole new level.

Instead of your kids getting out of the car to trick-or-treat, your neighbors will drive their cars and yeet those treats right into your kids’ buckets! (Who needs those extra steps added to their smartwatch, anyway?)

Drive-Up Trick-or-Treat

Or, instead of a drive-by, you can flip it and reverse it, like Missy Elliott, and go with a trick-or-treat drive-thru or drive-up. Just drive around the neighborhood and let your kids collect candy through the window. It’s as simple as that.

If you go with a trick-or-treat drive-thru, you’ll have even more opportunities to make use of your new Honda Pilot, too.

Turn on its Rear Entertainment System and pop in one of your Hocus Pocus DVDs to play while you go from block to block, checking out all the Halloween decorations. Or open the huge panoramic moonroof and witness 2020’s rare blue moon—which seems only fitting for a once-in-a-lifetime event to occur on Halloween night during a once-in-a-lifetime health pandemic. And with Pilot’s standard Collision Mitigation Braking System at work, you’ll be protecting everyone else on the road.

Want to check out the Honda Pilot or any other new or used Honda in Phoenix? Visit one of our Valley Honda Dealers to take a test drive or get a quote. We also have special Honda finance deals and lease offers available through Halloween! Swing by and ask about them.

Stay safe, trick-or-treaters!