Some car shoppers have amazing deals fall into their lap by sheer happenstance. For most everyone else, however, Lady Luck isn’t so kind. But if you plan a trip to your local car dealer at just the right time, you’ll find that, when it boils down to dollars and cents, savviness plays a bigger role than simple good fortune.

So, when is the perfect time to find the best new car deals?

Buy During the Holiday Car Sales

While it’s true that some of the best car deals happen during Happy Honda Days (December, mostly), that’s not the only holiday season that can claim low car prices.

Would it surprise you to know that holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July don’t even crack the top 10? Is it more surprising to discover that the best holidays to find a car deal include Columbus Day (30% more sales), Martin Luther King Day (29%), and Halloween (19%)?

There’s one holiday in particular that is oftentimes overlooked by shoppers: Black Friday. While most people are digging through $1 DVD bins and BOGO pet diapers, dealers are offering 33% more discounts on both new models and used cars—the latter of which are entering the market at a blistering rate due to high trade-in values prior to Christmas. A Black Friday trip to our Honda dealerships near Phoenix, for example, will reel in everything from no-APR car loans to cash-back auto financing to special Honda lease offers.

Shop at the End of the Month

Unless you need a car right this second, it’s best to shop around at the end of the month. Most car dealers have sales goals to meet before the first of the month, and your own personal goal is to find the dealership whose hubris led them astray and toward a too-lofty sales quota.

The first step is to browse your dealer’s online selection, keeping an eyelid peeled for an overabundance of unsold models. Best yet, if they’re stocked with models from the current and previous year, you can probably nab an impressive deal on the older models. Your dealership—and salesperson—wants to move that car by any means necessary, even if that includes combining it with free maintenance or $0 down.

Shoot for the End of the Day, Too

The journeyman car shopper knows which dealership buttons to push and when to push them—and that’s by watching the clock, not the calendar.

Much the same way you get excited on a Friday afternoon, some salespeople at the dealership want nothing more than to see those showroom doors lock for the night. It’s on those particularly stressful days when you should barge into the dealership an hour before closing, begging to look at a car. Bring with you enough questions to beat a dead horse twice over, and never be bashful about negotiating early. They want to get home just as much as you want a low price on your new car.

Remember: Unlike other states, our Phoenix car dealerships are open on Sundays, which gives you one extra day per week to utilize this tactic. Utilize it well, friends!

Keep Track of Automaker Offers Every Month

Most vehicle brands spread out the savings on popular models each month, and particularly when a newer model is set to hit showroom floors.

Check on Your Local Car Dealer’s Specials

Similarly, car dealerships near you probably have featured vehicle specials on new models and pre-owned cars. At our Phoenix Honda dealerships, we handpick our used car deals and offer exclusive dealer-only pricing on select new and certified Hondas. Other dealers may not be able to match our savings, but we applaud their efforts.

If you live in the Mesa, Scottsdale, or Phoenix area, don’t be bashful about buying a new car. Just head into one of our Valley Honda Dealers locations to ask about our current Honda offers near Tempe. Because when you’re a Valley Honda customer, deals are an everyday occurrence.