Your car is about to give up the ghost, and it’s time to consider buying a new one. So, what’s the best alternative? Do you sell your car online or through the newspaper and hope for the best? That avenue could be fraught with peril.

The Nightmare Of Selling A Car Yourself

First of all, you’ll need to recondition the vehicle to get the best price from a private party. You’ll then need to guestimate how much your car is worth. You’ll need to take many pictures of the vehicle for posting online and then create an appealing ad. Then it’s waiting for someone to express an interest in your vehicle, which could take some time.

You’re also faced with strangers coming to your house to look at the car. In this day and age, that could be of some concern. You’ll need to screen potential buyers carefully and be wary of fraud. Then comes the haggling. Of course, you want to get the most from your car and the buyer is trying to get it for the least amount. You may also get a lot of “Lookyloos” who are just window shopping. This could get really tedious. And there’s no guarantee that your car will sell at all.

You’ll also need several legal documents, including a Bill of Sale, Vehicle Title, and a Release of Liability in case the car is involved in an accident before the new owner registers it. You will also need to determine a method of payment. Checks and money orders should be avoided. Even with a cashier’s check, you should go to the buyer’s bank and get the money in cash.

In other words, selling your car yourself is a lot of work!

The Benefits Of Trading In Your Car

However, there is an easier way, and that’s to trade your vehicle in at one of our conveniently located Valley Honda Dealers in Phoenix. According to Consumer Reports, there are several benefits to trading in your car.

Convenience – There’s less hassle trading your car into a dealership, says the publication. “All you have to do is drive to the dealership, sign a few papers, and drive away in a new vehicle.”

Cost Savings – You can apply the trade-in amount to your vehicle purchase, thereby reducing the amount financed.

Tax Benefits – Many states require that you only pay sales tax “on the difference between the price of your trade-in and the new vehicle you’re buying, not the full price of the new car you bought.” In some cases, you do not get any tax benefit by selling the car yourself.

The bottom line? If you want to take on the hassle, and the risks, of selling your car yourself, then that’s up to you. Or, you can avoid these issues altogether by trading in your car at one of our many conveniently located Valley Honda Dealers.

You can be assured that you’ll get a fair price for your trade-in at our Phoenix Honda dealerships. In fact, we make the process super simple by letting you calculate the value of your trade-in online. Best of all, you’ll be driving off in a brand-new, award-winning 2016 Honda for sale in Phoenix that tops the charts for quality, reliability, and value.

Sounds like an easy choice to us.

So if you’re in the market for new cars near Phoenix, we invite you to visit a Valley Honda Dealer near you. Summer is a great time to save with sizzling specials and hot Honda dealer incentives that will save you a bundle of cash. Save thousands more on our huge selection of outstanding Honda Certified Pre-owned vehicles in Phoenix that offers like-new quality for less.