Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Cars

Father's Day Car Gift Ideas

Carwash gift card? Too impersonal. Tie? It’d probably clash with Dad’s ratty sweatpants. A year’s supply of peanut butter? Yummy, but does he really need to enhance his “dad bod” figure? 

Bo-ring! This year, shoot for the moon with a unique gift for Dad that says: “You’re the best dad in the world, and I’m not just saying that because society deems it necessary on this specific day.” 

Of course, dads come in all shapes and sizes and like all sorts of things. Some enjoy homemade pesto and wine; others live for beer and brats. This post isn’t for any of them in particular—this one’s for pops who dig engines and wheels. Check out these best car gifts for Dads, and you’ll surely discover a Father’s Day present that’s practical and stands the test of time. 

10 Father’s Day Gifts for Car Guys

1. Vehicle Tent

Honda CR-V Tent for Sale

No Arizona camping trip would be complete without Dad cursing while packing, some nighttime stargazing and Dad cursing while setting up a tent. With an authentic vehicle tent, like the Honda CR-V tent accessory pictured above, Dad can cut some of the cursing out of your weekend getaways. 

The CR-V tent is easy to set up, easy to tear down, and provides everyone with easy access to the SUV’s cabin for extra wiggle room. Ain’t nothing better than easy livin’.

Cost? Varies. Get a quote and order your Honda CR-V tent in Phoenix by contacting your Valley Honda Dealers

2. Moki Doorstep

Moki Doorstep Father's Day Gift Idea

If you’ve ever seen Dad struggle to reach the crossbars or roof rack of his CR-V, this is for him. 

Featuring aircraft-grade aluminum, the Rightline Gear Moki Doorstep can hold 400 pounds and fits all vehicles. Its wide platform supports two big, manly feet, and its rubber bumper helps to protect the vehicle from scratches. Dad can simply step up, do his business, and get choo-choo-ing on with life. When the Moke Doorstep isn’t in use, it can be safely stored in the glove compartment or spare tire area. 

Cost? $40+. Visit for more details.

3. Car Cupholder Warmer

Car Cup Warmer Father's Day Present

If your pop is a connoisseur of all things java, this automatic cupholder warmer is the perfect Father’s Day car gadget for Dad. He can keep his 20-oz. cup of coffee warm on his morning commute to the office, keep his afternoon pick-me-up warm on his way back from lunch, and then keep his 12-oz. after-work cup warm on the way back home. 

The Sharper Image Auto Hot Cup Warmer can be plugged into any DC outlet (the car cigarette lighter) and is safe for use on paper, plastic, foam and metal cups. Its thermal ceramic heating unit features an auto-on/auto-off setting to ensure it doesn’t stay juiced up when there’s no coffee to keep warm. 

Cost? $30. Visit for more details.

4. Wireless Phone Charger

Honda Civic Wireless Phone Charger

Dad cut cable back in ‘18. Now it’s time for him to do the same with cords inside his vehicle. Wireless device charging pads have come a long way in just a few short years, and now you can equip pretty much any vehicle with one. 

If you do go this route, we recommend skipping the cheap wireless car charger—they’re cheap in price because they’re cheap in quality. Instead, buy Dad an authentic wireless phone charger accessory that’s specifically made for his vehicle model. For example, the Honda Civic wireless charging pad, pictured above, is made from anti-slip material and built to fit perfectly in the car’s center stack, ensuring Dad’s phone won’t go flying into another dimension when he takes a turn too sharply. 

Cost? Varies. For Honda wireless charging device prices in Arizona, contact your Valley Honda Dealers.

5. Purple Seat Cushion

Putple Car Seat Cushion

“Dad sounds” can’t be stopped, but they can be lessened with a quality car seat cushion like this one from Purple Innovation. It’s designed to help ease aches for up to 4 hours of driving time, which is in large part due to its no-pressure “Grid” support that cradles the tailbone, as well as the hundreds of air channels to keep Dad’s derriere cool. The seat cover can be removed and washed, too. It’s really the perfect men’s car accessory.

Cost? $60. Visit for additional details.

6. WeBoost Drive Reach

WeBoost Car Gadget

Staying connected to the grid is essential these days. Unfortunately, when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, finding a cell signal can be like painting a fence with your feet. That is to say, it’s no easy task. Buy the WeBoost Drive Reach device, and consider Dad’s fence painted. 

Drive Reach works on every network and multiple devices at once. It does so by utilizing an exterior magnetic antenna to reach the farthest cell towers, eliminating dropped calls, filling up those bars, and improving data and streaming speeds. The newest product is even compatible with 5G networks. If there’s even a weak signal, Drive Reach will strengthen it.

Cost? $400+. Visit for more information.

7. Car Covers for Men

Honda Civic Car Cover for Sale

Who doesn’t want to keep their vehicle protected from the harsh Arizona weather? Sun damage can eat away at a vehicle’s wax protectant in no time, and a car cover ensures that those good old UV rays mind their business. 

Generic car covers will work fine, but why go generic this Father’s Day? Buy a practical gift for Dad that’s also specifically catered to him. That means buying a car cover that’s made to fit his vehicle like a glove. 

Cost? Varies. Contact your auto parts store near you. If Dad owns a Honda, and y’all happen to live in the Phoenix area, speak with any of our Arizona Honda dealerships to place an order for an OEM Honda car cover.

8. Yakima RoadShower

RoadShower Car Accessory

Sand. Mud. Goop. Dad-scents. Whatever it is, a portable RoadShower device from Yakima will clean it off. It’s mountable on all sorts of vehicles with certain rack systems, comes in various sizes (4- to 10-gallon tanks), and is heated up naturally from the sun. 

Cost? $350+. Visit for more details.

9. VanTop H610 Dashcam

VanTop Dashcam for Dad

Everyone should own and use a vehicle dashboard camera. It’s the smart way to drive, as dashcam footage prevents auto insurance fraud, helps with car insurance claims, and much more. If he hasn’t already, Dad should hop aboard that dashcam train. 

Nudge him in the right direction this Father’s Day. Invest in a quality dashcam, like the VanTop H610, hook it up in his car, and he’ll be ready for anything.

If the H610 is too pricey for you, you can opt for other cheaper dashboard cameras. However, you’ll want to buy one that offers some of the following features (trust us!):

  • HD quality
  • Night vision
  • Large SD card storage capacity (or cloud storage)
  • Wide field of view
  • Front- and rear-facing camera

Whether you buy it in advance or as a last-minute Father’s Day gift, a good dash cam will be well worth it. 

Cost? $150. Visit for more information.

10. Honda Gear

Honda Gear and Merchandise for Sale

Bags, coolers, travel mugs, hats, vests—official Honda gear runs the gamut, and anything in the catalog is a good Father’s Day gift idea for dads who live and breathe Honda. Aside from spending time with Dad, this might be the best gift for a Honda papa.

Cost? Varies. Order your Honda merchandise from a Honda dealer near you to get a low price on your dad’s gift.

Treat Dad to a New Honda

If you didn’t get Mom a new car last month, you can circle back around and get Dad one this month. Visit your Valley Honda Dealers in Arizona to shop Father’s Day deals on new and certified pre-owned Honda vehicles, and be sure to speak with your Honda dealership about any special offers on Honda accessories.

Get a quote from any of our Honda dealerships throughout Arizona, including Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Prescott, Avondale, Surprise and Tempe.