Kids all over Arizona, from Phoenix to Flagstaff and Tucson to Avondale, are heading back to school right about now. While they’re dreading who their homeroom teacher will be, you’re worried about something different: staying sane. If you feel like your hair is turning gray each morning you load up the car with backpacks and lunch boxes, it might be time to make a change. Check out our recommended Honda models and accessories that will help you stay organized during this hectic back-to-school season.

3 Favorite Honda Vehicles for Families

All families, no matter their size, need room to breathe; these three new Honda SUVs and vans offer that in spades.

#1) 2018 Honda Odyssey

“Increase the smile factor” with the all-new Odyssey, a minivan that the modern American Dream built. How does it simplify your family’s morning routine?

  • Hands-Free Power Tailgate: If you’ve got your hands full with books, bags, and a coffee mug, just wave your toes under the rear bumper to activate the cargo door, and voila—you’re ready to load up and head out.
  • Magic Slide 2nd-Row Seats: No family is the same—this isn’t Pleasantville, after all—and Honda realizes this. With the Odyssey’s Magic Slide seats, you can set up the back any way you’d like. If you’ve got an infant to keep tabs on, just slide the seat forward for easier access to their car seat. Have teens that constantly bicker? Separate them by sliding the second-row seats apart, and enjoy your java.
  • Tri-Zone Climate Control: Yes, it’s quite hot here in Phoenix, but that doesn’t mean everyone in your van likes the AC at full blast. With the Odyssey’s tri-zone AC, all passengers can find comfort.
  • CabinWatch™ & CabinTalk™: Be your family’s bus driver thanks to CabinWatch and CabinTalk, two all-new features available exclusively on the 2018 Odyssey. With CabinWatch, you can always keep an eye on the kids thanks to a built-in camera with night vision. If the kids are acting up or too engrossed in a movie, get on the CabinTalk mic and give them an earful.


CabinWatch™ & CabinTalk™:
2018 Odyssey CabinWatch™ – Photo:

The 2018 Odyssey is making its way to our Honda dealerships near Avondale. Be sure to check out our inventory of Odysseys to see when you can come in for a test drive!

#2) Honda Pilot

As Honda’s largest crossover SUV, the Pilot is “roomy, refined, and ready to go.” Specially designed One-Touch 2nd-Row Seats move forward with the push of a button, allowing older kids to slide right in the back and hide the fact that they didn’t finish their homework. All passengers can stay charged up thanks to the Pilot’s five USB ports. For the entertainment-needy kids out there, the SUV’s 9-inch Rear Entertainment System plays both Blu-ray and DVD discs, so be sure to leave a few movies in the rear seatback pockets. View our available Honda Pilots for sale.

2017 Honda Pilot Rear Entertainment
2017 Honda Pilot Rear Entertainment – Photo:

#3) Honda HR-V

Equal parts people-hauler and adventure-taker, the HR-V is Honda’s premier 5-passenger crossover. The One-Touch Power Moonroof (available) is perfect for the bright and sunny mornings we’re known to have in Chandler, AZ. Flawless Bluetooth® and Pandora® streaming is a great way to keep everyone happy in the back. Its versatility is no surprise, either; you can configure the rear seats in any of three modes: Utility, Long, and Tall. If you must transport a diorama or school project in the morning, pop up the back bench for 4 additional feet of vertical cargo space. Browse our available Honda HR-Vs for sale.

2017 Honda HR-V Tall Mode
2017 Honda HR-V Tall Mode – Photo:

Order These Honda Accessories Before School Starts

At our Valley Honda Dealers, we proudly order and install authentic Honda accessories and parts for our Arizona customers. Here are a few of the most useful add-ons for back-to-school season:

Odyssey Cargo Net
Odyssey Cargo Net – Photo:

  • Cargo Net – Available on most new Honda SUVs and vans, this net helps you organize all the sports equipment, books, papers, and other random items that might be scattered around the back.
  • Remote Engine Start – No one enjoys getting into a hot car during the summer. If you’ve got an older Honda, let us install a Remote Engine Start System on it, and that will never be a problem again. Just start the car a few minutes before you head to drop the kids off at school, and that sweet air conditioning will do its job.
  • Roof Rails/Crossbars – If you’ve got an older “latchkey” child, load their bike on your Honda’s crossbars or roof mount, and they can ride it home after the last bell rings. It may seem inconvenient at first—securing a bike each morning, that is—but once you get used to the routine, it’s a breeze!

Whether you need to lease or finance a bigger vehicle, want a Honda accessory to make life easier, or are on the hunt for amazing Honda deals near Phoenix, we’ve got you covered. Find and contact your nearest Chandler Honda dealership today, and let us know how we can help you prep for the August school season! Our Valley Honda Dealers can be found all over Arizona, including the cities of Avondale, Surprise, and Phoenix.


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