It’s been said that money can’t buy love. Prove that theory true this Valentine’s Day by wrapping up one of these cheap and practical gifts for the car enthusiast in your life. Each of these Valentine’s Day gifts will set you back no more than $100, so you can put that extra cash in your rainy-day fund.

SiriusXM® Subscription ($20+ per month)

If your wanderlust-ing valentine isn’t lucky enough to own a new Honda with built-in SiriusXM, they’re missing out on some of the best commercial-free music around. But they don’t need to drive the newest Accord or CR-V to experience satellite radio! Many late-model and older vehicles can still dial into all 150-plus SiriusXM channels, which include stations for 24/7 Beatles, local news, comedy acts, Howard Stern’s radio show, and even live sports.

The All Access streaming package is just around $20/month. Check to filter packages based on your valentine’s vehicle make and model.

ODBII Diagnostic Scanner ($70+)

Although a trip to your trusted Arizona auto service center is necessary for most car problems, some smaller vehicle issues can be identified and fixed right at home. For the car enthusiast who likes solving puzzles that involve engines and electrical systems, a vehicle diagnostic tool makes for an unromantic albeit practical Valentine’s gift.

An OBDII scanner like the Autel AutoLink can typically be purchased for less than $70, which is a small sum compared to the cost of visiting a mechanic.

GentScents Air Fresheners ($8 per month)

Does your boyfriend or husband’s truck suffer from a stinky cabin? Sign him up for a monthly GentScents subscription. Each GentScents box comes with essential oil-soaked wooden planks that can be clipped securely anywhere inside his vehicle. The machoest of macho scents include everything from sandalwood to musk to cedar, with special mystery scents being available on the reg.

The basic subscription for these air fresheners is just 8 bucks a month, though there are other monthly subscriptions that make for perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Take a little detour through the website for additional details and to sign up.

LifeHammer Emergency Tool ($25)

This one-time-use emergency hammer saves lives—which is probably why it’s called the LifeHammer. Secured in the glove box, LifeHammer can be whipped out in the event of a catastrophic accident, such as one that leaves a vehicle submerged in water, to tear through stuck seatbelts, unjam jammed doors, and shatter windows or windshields.

A pair of these emergency tools can be bought for under $25. Head to for purchase options.

Keeper Roof Cargo Bag ($40)

This waterproof rooftop cargo solution is the ideal Valentine’s gift for girls and guys who love Arizona camping. The standard Keeper cargo bag offers 15 cubic feet of storage space, complete protection from sand and inclement weather, and fits all vehicle rooftops. If your valentine is sporting an SUV with a roof rack or crossbars, including the Honda Pilot, the Keeper Roof Cargo Bag is a sensible, cheap storage solution.

Head to the Keeper website to view product specs and find a qualified retailer.

The Best Valentine’s Gift: A New Honda!

You can’t really buy a Honda for $100, but you can certainly get a great deal on the latest 2019 models at one of our Phoenix Valley Honda dealerships. With numerous Valentine’s Day car specials on new and certified pre-owned Honda vehicles, we’re the self-proclaimed best place to shop for a four-wheeled gift that any car enthusiast will adore. We even have monthly specials on genuine Honda accessories! Simply speak with your nearest Valley Honda Dealers to get started.

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