Father’s Day 2019 is Here! What to Get Dad?

The calendar keeps clicking by, and now Father’s Day is staring you in the face. Somehow sending him a gift card to his favorite Phoenix-area restaurant or yet another pair of socks simply seems inadequate. Let’s check out some great gift ideas that not only take care of your obligation but truly delivers a unique memory able to be shared.

Favorite Tastes and Treats

Maybe your dad doesn’t have such a big place, and he doesn’t wear a suit to work, so trinkets and ties are not on your list. Think about what his favorite snacks are or a special meal that you have shared.

  • Outdoorsman Eats: Pick up a basket of premium jerky treats or trail mix to use on your next hike or fishing trip together.
  • Sunday Buffet: Help him kick off the next big game with an assortment of dips, chips, and a gift card for his favorite wings place that delivers.
  • Fire Up the Grill: Have Dad over for a backyard feast featuring his favorite ribs, porterhouse steak and roasted corn on the cob. Is he the master chef? Hand him the spatula and tongs.

Building Memories for the Future

Remember the moment when he showed you how to change a tire, make breakfast for the family, or fly a kite? Take that BBQ tool set, new hammer, or toolbox you bought and have it personalized with a special message just for him.  Add a small graphic that recalls those special times. Each time he fires up the grill or sets to fixing up the house, he will think of you.

If you don’t know where to find such special items, check out your local shopping center for an engraver or t-shirt embroidery store or order online from a place like

Getting There Together

Father’s Day is really about taking the time to honor the most important man in your life. Nothing shows your respect like spending time together.

  • Knock an Item of His To-Do List: How long has he been saying that he wants to finish installing that sound system, fix the garage door, or chop back that overgrown tree? Bring your energy and assistance and tackle it side-by-side.
  • How About that Round of Golf? Whether his preferred activity is hitting the links, shooting some hoops, or taking a long bike ride, when you do it with him, you both have space and time to talk about the best times in the past and plan for the future.

  • Roadtrip! You are now enjoying a level of success where you can grant some of his more epic wishes. Present him with a vehicle like the Honda Pilot that can take the whole family on that trip up to the mountains, visit the ocean, or spend a few weeks with the rest of clan across the nation.

Your local Phoenix Valley Honda dealer can also help him add the roof racks, mud flaps, and personalized floor mats to commemorate this extra special occasion.

For more gift ideas for Dad’s ride, check out the Parts Department at your local dealer where you can find authorized accessories designed to complement and perfectly fit his Honda.

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