In the classic movie “Back to the Future II,” Doc Brown powered his DeLorean using nuclear energy. Well, it’s 2016 and Doc and Marty McFly would no doubt be disappointed that we’re still a long way off from taking a flying, nuclear-powered car to the Biltmore Fashion Park, Paradise Valley Mall or Metro Center Mall. But that doesn’t mean great strides aren’t being made in hybrid and alternative-fuel technology.

Honda continues to lead the automotive industry with its groundbreaking research into alternative fuel, hybrid gas/electric, and pure electric vehicles. Honda led the way when it unveiled the 1997 EV Plus, the first all-electric production vehicle powered by an advanced (for its time) nickel-metal hydride battery. 2000 Honda Insight, the first gasoline-electric hybrid ever sold in America.

The Insight also introduced Honda’s innovative Integrated Motor Assist® (IMA) system that uses regenerative braking to recapture some of the energy lost during braking and deceleration. This captured energy was then used to augment the vehicle’s gasoline engine during acceleration. It became the most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered car without plug-in capability in the U.S.

Honda also set new standards for alternative-fuel vehicles with the Civic GX, the first and only fully assembly-line produced Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle to run on this low-emission fuel alternative.

These groundbreaking advancements propelled Honda to create a new generation of hybrid vehicles that achieve exceptional fuel economy by combining the latest high-capacity Lithium-ion battery technology with fuel-efficient gasoline engines. The 2016 Honda Civic Hybrid for sale in Phoenix at your Valley Honda Dealers is an excellent example of Honda’s forward-thinking, yet practical, approach to hybrid technology.

2015 Civic Hybrid Sedan

The Civic Hybrid employs a thrifty yet spirited 1.5-liter, SOHC aluminum alloy i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine and Honda’s exclusive Integrated Motor Assist to achieve a combined 110 horsepower and up to an EPA-estimated 44 mpg city/47 mpg highway. Similarly, the Civic HF takes this technology’s fuel efficiency even further with special underbody panels, low roll resistant tires and other aerodynamic enhancements to bump performance from its larger 1.8-liter, 143-hp i-VTEC® 4-cylinder while still achieving up to an EPA-estimated 41 mpg highway.

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid

From the outside, you wouldn’t see anything different from the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid and a regular gasoline-powered Accord. Both share the same luxurious interior, high-tech “infotainment” technology, excellent ride & handling, and advanced safety features. But that’s where the similarity ends. Under the hood, the Accord Hybrid for sale in Phoenix at your Valley Honda Dealers is powered by Honda’s superb Earth Dreams Technology™ 2.0-liter, 16-valve i-VTEC® hybrid/electric engine making 141 horsepower and 122 lb.-ft. of torque. An AC Synchronous electric motor generates 166 hp and 226 lb.-ft. of torque when engaged. Together, total combined total system output of 196 hp.

The Accord Hybrid gives you three different driving modes displayed on your instrument cluster, EV Drive, Hybrid Drive, and Engine Drive. The 100% electric EV Drive works during braking and when starting out from a stop. Hybrid Drive unites the gasoline engine and the electric motor to provide extra acceleration while the Engine Drive takes over when cruising on the interstate for maximum efficiency. Taken together, the 2015 Accord Hybrid achieves up an EPA-estimated 50 mpg city/45 mpg highway.


2016 Honda Clarity FCV (coming soon)

But the most exciting news comes from Honda’s cutting-edge work in futuristic hydrogen fuel cell technology that even Doc Brown and Marty would appreciate. Honda’s remarkable 2016 Clarity FCV (fuel cell vehicle) incorporates the automaker’s latest advancements using a proprietary fuel cell that mixes hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity with water as the only byproduct. The vehicle can be refueled in about five minutes at dedicated hydrogen fueling stations. Scheduled to debut later this year, the 2016 Clarity hopes to achieve a 300+ mile driving range. A high-capacity lithium-ion battery stores electrical energy for on-demand power. The Clarity will be equipped with Honda’s latest Honda Sensing™ safety technology, as well as Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. Best of all, the Clarity is stunning, both inside and out with a sleekly seductive exterior and a spacious interior that is both ultra modern and ultra-refined.

From fuel-efficient gasoline/electric hybrids to tomorrow’s hydrogen-powered engines, Honda technology is powering the future of automotive innovation.


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