We already wrote about how impeccable, how splendid, how ridiculously superb the latest 2019 Honda Insight is, but a little “I told you so” doesn’t really hurt. From our lips to the 55 NACTOY jurors’ ears, that perfect hybrid we call the Insight is now a finalist for the North American Car of the Year award, beating out 13 other semi-finalist sedans for the honor. The only things sitting in its way of striking automotive gold at the 2019 NAIAS are two other good cars, the Genesis G70 and Volvo S60.

C’mon, Insight! You got this in the bag. Here’s how it compares with its fellow nominees.

Honda Insight vs. Genesis G70 vs. Volvo S60

The apple to Genesis G70 and Volvo S60’s oranges, the 2019 Honda Insight appears to be a shoo-in for the award. With an MSRP just south of $23,000, compared to that of the S60 and G70’s nearly $35,000 price tag, the Insight is far more affordable.

Honda Insight Interior

The Insight also returns 55 mpg (city), which is a load more than the G70’s 22-mpg city rating and the V60’s 24-mpg city rating – combined. The Insight is far and away the most fuel-efficient car on this list, and America is all about efficiency; therefore, by the transitive property, the 2019 Honda Insight will be named the best car in America.

What makes the Insight a better vehicle is its incredible 10-year hybrid battery warranty and the implementation of world-class regenerative braking. An innovative approach to recycling otherwise wasted energy, regenerative brakes recapture that energy as electricity to charge and fuel the Insight. Unlike other hybrids that have similar functionality, the Insight’s regenerative brakes are smooth. Essentially, when pressing the brake pedal, you won’t notice any strange sponge-like feeling that similar models in the segment produce. It’s all car, baby!

Inside, the Insight incites comfort and relaxation for five real-life, breathing adults. The cabin is large and in charge, offering more legroom and overall space (97.6 cu. ft.) than any competitor in its class, including the Toyota Prius. Its deep central console is simply remarkable, offering a removable, sliding insert that divides the area into three separate storage cubbies. Lining the cabin are tons of soft-touch materials, and the cockpit controls are well-labeled and easy to use. In fact, an entirely new infotainment system and its accompanying touchscreen are both true works of art. Quality is never questioned when you’re inside this pseudo-luxury hybrid car.

The best way to cheer on the Honda Insight at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show is by bolstering its sales. Visit your Arizona Honda dealer near Phoenix to test drive (and fall in love with) the 2019 Insight hybrid car. If you decide to bring one home, you can brag to your bandwagon-jumping friends that you liked the Insight first.




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