Slotted between the three-row Honda Pilot and popular CR-V is the 2019 Passport, an all-new and 100% rugged SUV. The 2020 Outback, Subaru’s return-to-what’s-worked wagon, is—well, it’s an Outback. Today these two midsize SUVs duke it out to see which one emerges as the better duke-it-outer. May the best ute win.


Numbers on the Asphalt

Although it’s the heaviest of the pair, Passport makes good use of its base 280-hp V6 to hit that 60-mph barrier in a tad over six seconds. With its accelerator compressed down (I think this is referred to as “pushing the pedal to the metal”), Honda’s Passport squeaks out a quarter-mile drag in 14.7 seconds.

Subaru Outback should fare better—it is, after all, the lightweight in this SUV battle—yet real-world testing yielded different results. Even with its upgraded turbocharged DOHC, the Outback ran a quarter-mile in 14.8 seconds and took 6.3 seconds to break the 60-mph mark. Both crossovers are quick, but the ’19 Passport gains the edge on the tar.

Passport’s victory is supported by Honda’s glorious, rev-tastic V6. Subaru’s Outback sputters out early, at fewer than 5,600 revs-per-cycle, while Honda’s engine keeps baking until the rpm-dial dings at north of 6,000. An automatic nine-speed transmission, in coordination with its Sport Drive Mode, helps Passport deliver decisive, smooth downshifts for a bit of no-nitro nitrous; a 42% broader ratio spread makes a world of difference.


Passenger Space

Enjoy a pleasurable 115.9 cu. ft. of passenger room inside the 2019 Passport. The Outback’s cabin maxes out at 109 cubic feet. Both SUVs seat five fairly comfortably, but due to its slimmer physique, Subaru’s wagon can’t match up to the Passport’s shoulder room; the Outback offers 58.1 inches (front) and 57.4 inches (rear) of space versus Passport’s luxurious 62.0 inches and 61.9 inches, respectively.

It’s no “sardine can vs. SUV” comparison, but there’s no denying Passport’s superior people-carrying capabilities.


Cargo Space

Honda Passport 2020 Cargo Room

You’ve got the need—the need to haul. Honda Passport answers the call. Behind the second row, Passport offers up to 50.5* cubic feet of room. Plop those succulent back seats down and roll around in its 100.7-cubic-foot* cabin. There’s enough cargo room in the Passport for about 30 regular-sized pieces of luggage, or a couple of desert cactuses if that’s your thing.

With its seat lowered, maximum cargo room in the 2020 Subaru Outback comes in at 75.7 cu. ft. That may be ample for a wagon, but it’s far less than what’s offered in the Honda Passport.



Embracing an adventure is what Honda Passport does best. Pop that hitch on your Passport and tow up to 5,000 pounds of your favorite off-road toys to your favorite off-road spot. With the Subaru Outback, you’ve got half the opportunity to experience fun as it can only haul around 2,700 pounds. Advantage: Passport.


You Should See the View!

To become the Magellan of Arizona, you need a vehicle with a view—a vehicle like the new Passport. Its wide-open cabin is a crampless dream, offering exceptional visibility from its A-pillars to rear liftgate. Navigating Phoenix streets in the Passport is like slicing through a pad of butter with a hot knife—especially with its Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System leading the charge.

Should you prefer the finer things in life, Passport’s still the answer; interior accommodations that are notably missing from the Outback include: 2.5-amp rear USB ports, an intuitive touchscreen display and center stack, rear-controlled HVAC, six cupholders (to Outback’s duo), a handy rear 115V power outlet, and a fully digital instrument cluster.

Honda Passport Interior

With five spacious rows, exceptional hauling capabilities, and an array of superb features, the Passport is every gluttonous, family-oriented adventurer’s dream vehicle. Unsurprisingly, it wins this “Honda Passport vs. Subaru Outback” challenge easily.

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Disclaimers: *Based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard plus, where applicable, floor space between seating rows and seats in their forward-most and upright position.

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