While we won’t be zipping around in bubble cars like George Jetson or in Doc Brown’s fusion-powered flying DeLorean anytime soon, the future of the automobile is being imagined today by forward-thinking companies such as Honda. These radical new approaches to how the vehicles of tomorrow look, feel, and drive will profoundly shape how we interact with our cars and how they interact with us. Many of the innovations that will become commonplace on the world’s highways in the next few years are being developed right now by special teams of Honda engineers and designers.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what Honda has up its sleeves as we go behind the scenes to preview some of Honda’s most exciting new automotive concepts.

A New Fuel For A New Tomorrow

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Harnessing hydrogen as a reliable fuel source has been the Holy Grail of automotive engineers. Creating a workable hydrogen-fueled vehicle along with a reliable and convenient hydrogen fuel delivery infrastructure would be transformative.  Honda is taking the lead in this clean technology with the FCV Clarity. Unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the Clarity is a big leap forward, bringing us closer to a time when hydrogen-fueled vehicles will become more commonplace.

Honda Solves Several Key Problems

According to Forbes Magazine, the Clarity solves several critical problems impeding the eventual mass production of these types of vehicles. First, it costs about 1/10th as the previous FCX Clarity version. Second, the engine is a bit bigger than a standard V6. And third, the engine, fuel cell, battery, and related components can potentially be used in other Honda vehicles. Honda is also developing an innovative, home-based Smart Hydrogen Station that extracts hydrogen using a high-pressure electrolysis process.

The FCV Clarity uses a high-capacity Lithium-ion battery for on-demand electrical energy that powers the vehicle, which can travel an estimated 300 miles between fill-ups. The hydrogen tank is safely secured in the vehicle’s rear subframe to meet all global safety standards.

Bold New Exterior Complements Ultramodern Interior

The Clarity’s distinctive, aerodynamic exterior is accentuated by thin inline LED headlights, expressive creases and character lines, a sloping roofline, and bold rear LED taillights. An advanced laser roof brazing process matches the roof and side panels with such precision that exterior molding isn’t necessary, creating a quieter cabin and improved aerodynamics.

The Clarity’s spacious interior is sleek and ultramodern, comfortably accommodating five passengers. Because the entire powertrain is located under the hood, the interior is exceptionally roomy. Top-quality materials, such as finely stitched leather seats, are used throughout. And the Clarity is a tour de force of technological innovation with the latest infotainment features, including Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ smartphone integration. The traditional shift knob is replaced by convenient buttons on the center console. The instrument cluster features easy-to-read graphics, an aircraft-inspired heads up display (HUD) and even provides feedback on driving habits to help improve efficiency.

The FCV Clarity is one of three new models in the Clarity lineup. An electric plug-in and plug-in hybrid model are being developed and will debut sometime after the launch of the FCV Clarity.

New Accord Hybrid Debuts Soon


Also set to debut in the near future is the redesigned 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. Featuring an aggressively styled sports exterior and luxuriously spacious interior, the new Accord Hybrid promises to deliver outstanding fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Powered by Honda’s proven Earth Dreams® Technology, the Accord Hybrid’s 212-hp engine will achieve an EPA-estimated combined 48-mpg city/highway. The Accord Hybrid will also feature all of the latest comfort, convenience features including Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and Honda Sensing™, Honda’s exclusive suite of active driver safety technologies.

New Ridgeline & Civic Hatchback

On the horizon are two exciting new offerings from Honda, the re-imagined 2017 Ridgeline pickup, and the dramatically exciting Civic Hatchback. For more information about the new Ridgeline, please read our January 15th Honda Ridgeline blog. We’ll also share more details about the new Civic Hatchback when it becomes available, so check back with us soon.


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