How To Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Summer is coming, and that means it is the prime season for exploring more of your world on an epic road trip. Whether you are soaking in more of the expansive beauty of the Southwest or striking out across the nation, it is smart to have a plan in place so you can enjoy your time on the road. So, before loading up your Honda Odyssey with youngsters and gear, let’s get your travel agenda organized.

Plotting the Road Ahead

You may know that you are starting in Phoenix, and swinging by at your various relatives’ homes peppered around Arizona and beyond, so what about the miles in between? Spend some time with your favorite GPS app and determine the best course. Decide if you want to maximize your miles for the day or want to check out that abandoned Old West town on the way. You may even wish to pick your gas stops, restaurants, and hotels ahead of time to save on the stress of hunting for the next exit while your dashboard is warning you about a near-empty tank. Or you are planning on sticking around close to home. Pick the must-visit places from Maricopa County like Avondale, and Scottsdale, as well as Prescott out in Yavapai County.

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Packing Just Enough

How many people are piling into your Honda Pilot for the great adventure? It can be tempting to pack all the clothes, games, and stuffed toys, but if there is no room left for everybody to sit in comfort, life can quickly turn into hours of complaints and discomfort. Consider lightening up on the luggage and extras and focus on what is necessary. If you are traveling for more than a week, laundry facilities at your hotel can help to keep things under control. If you absolutely must bring the bikes and surfboards, ask your local Valley Honda dealer about adding a roof or bike rack to clear space inside your vehicle.

Preparing Your Ride

Your Honda Ridgeline is about to become a crucial part of your vacation. Bring it into your local Valley Honda Service Center for a complete inspection and necessary maintenance appointment. Change the oil, fill the washer fluid, change the wipers, and rotate the tires before hitting the highway. Make sure that your emergency road kit is stocked with a can of fix-a-flat, flares, battery charger, lantern and first aid supplies. Add a jug of wiper fluid, a quart of oil, and a bottle of antifreeze to the cargo area.

Check that your cell phone will have coverage all along the route. If you are traveling to a giant dead zone, think about a pay-as-you-go phone with the right cell coverage to keep you in touch with emergency services.

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Pennywise Tips

If you are taking a trip but want to keep the budget under control, there are ways to save a few dollars along the way.

  • Pack lunch and breakfast in a cooler, keeping eating out only once a day which cuts food costs by more than half
  • Use an app to find cheaper gas like GasBuddy which provides up to date pricing so you can save every time you fill up
  • Camping reduces nightly expenses. A site for your tent can cost as low as $30 per night compared to over $100 for a budget motel
  • National Parks provide inexpensive entertainment where you can skip the massive amusement parks and opt for fun under the sun while saving hundreds on entry fees and silly souvenirs

When it is time to hit the vacation road, remember to visit your local Valley Honda Service Center near you. Find your Honda dealership at your local Valley Honda Dealers in the Phoenix area serving Surprise, Superstition, Tempe, and Chandler to get your car, crossover or SUV prepared to drive through the desert and eventually bring your family back home safe and sound.

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