Whether you’re trekking across all 62 miles of Black Canyon Trail in Phoenix or pedaling your way around Sedona’s tough Hiline system, you’ve no doubt got a pack full of biking essentials on your back. But do you have the right survival equipment and gear to get you through a worst-case scenario? If you’re not taking the proper precautions before venturing onto one of Arizona’s difficult mountain bike trails, you may want to make some adjustments.

Don’t forget to pack these potentially life-saving items the next time you plan to strap on your bike helmet and hit a desert trail:

Spare Socks

It may be 100 degrees when the sun’s out, but Arizona deserts often bring upon nighttime temperatures below freezing. Keep your toesies warm with a second layer of socks.

Clear Plastic Sheeting

A layer of plastic serves many purposes; it can act as an emergency shelter, become a rainwater collector, or be transformed into a Yukon survival backpack. Most importantly, however, a clear plastic sheet can be used to create a solar still, which produces and distills drinkable water (see instructional video).


An impromptu poncho made from a large lawncare bag will keep your clothes dry in the event of a downpour.


Aside from exposure to the elements, dehydration is the leading cause of death of people who become stranded in inhospitable areas. A full Camelbak pack will be your savior if you do ever get stuck in the middle of the Arizona desert.

General First Aid

A first aid kit should be filled with bandages, gauze, pain relievers, lotion, tweezers, and antiseptic wipes.


Satellite signals are spotty in certain areas throughout Arizona, so you can’t rely on GPS to guide you home. Have a compass handy, and learn to use it!


Similarly, you should carry an area map with you. In preparation for your bike trip, mark your route on the map to get an idea of where the safety stations and popular landmarks are.


For the night is dark and full of terrors.

CB Radio

A good handheld CB radio may be the only connection you’ll have to the inside If you’re ever lost, you may be able to contact emergency personnel using a CB.

Emergency Whistle

Become a Baywatch lifeguard to the sea that is Arizona’s sandscape. Or use the whistle to scare away wildlife and signal for help.

Fire Striker

Typically worn as a necklace, fire strikers (starters) are incredibly useful once the sun goes down. Light a fire to stay warm without a matchbook.

Duct Tape

It has a billion purposes.

Multipurpose Tool

A Swiss Army Knife or similar multipurpose tool can be useful when making kindling, constructing shelter, and building solar stills.

Your I.D.

It’s always a good idea to have a form of identification on your person, just in case.

Signaling Mirror

Along with a whistle and flashlight, an emergency mirror can notify others nearby that you’re in distress.

Aluminum Foil

Form the aluminum foil into a bowl or cup to collect water from your solar still, then add it to hot coals to boil water. It can also be used as a signaling device as a last


Standing water may look clean, but oftentimes it can contain bacteria that will leave you retching—or worse—all the way through the various stages of dehydration. A LifeStraw makes potentially contaminated water safe to drink, and you can buy the basic model for under $20.

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