Military & Veteran Car Buying Guide

Best Military Car Discounts

U.S. Military service members, retirees, veterans, and other personnel are often qualified for special savings when buying vehicles. While purchasing (or leasing) a car in the military may be friendlier to the wallet, it does present its own challenges and hurdles. Whether you’re a veteran or just returning home, overcome those hurdles and get the most of your military car bonus by following our 6 tips below.

6 Ways to Get Your Military Car Bonus

1. Check available military car deals & qualifying models.

Nearly all vehicle manufacturers offer money-saving programs for military members and veterans. However, certain automakers’ specials are better than their counterparts’ specials. Let’s compare the Honda Military Appreciation Offer* to rival military vehicle offers, for example:

With the Honda Military Program, eligible buyers in any U.S. state will receive $500 on any new Honda model, including the CR-V Hybrid, Pilot, Accord and others. U.S. Military Veterans and their spouses can take advantage of this deal within 24 months of separation from active-duty service, as well.

Chrysler and Jeep’s veteran car deals are less appealing to retired service members. Only U.S. Military members and spouses within 1 year of separation from active-duty service are eligible.

Toyota’s military car special is not available in certain states, including AL, GA, HI, NC, SC, and FL.

Like other manufacturer deals, the Ford military vehicle offer cannot be applied to specific models, such as the F-150 Raptor, Mustang, Bronco, and many other models.

For more details about the Honda Military Appreciation Offer in Arizona, contact your nearest Valley Honda Dealers.

2. See if you’re eligible.

If you’ve served in any branch of the U.S. Military, you’re likely qualified, though you should confirm your eligibility with your chosen automaker. Eligible military service members may include the following:

  • Active Duty – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard Active Reserve, or any service member who works full-time or may be deployed
  • Reservists/Ready Reserve – Any service member who can be available for Active Duty as necessary
  • Retirees – Retired military members who’ve served for at least 20 years or who ended their service due to a disability
  • Veterans – Any military member whose service ended or whose discharge was honorable
  • Gold Star families – The immediate family of a fallen service member who died in combat or while in service
  • Spouses and dependents – Wives, husbands, and dependent children

If you’re uncertain if you qualify for a specific automaker’s military car offer, contact your dealership for information. They will be able to assist you and go over any other military car-buying details, like the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process.

3. Get a quote first.

Once you’ve decided on the vehicle make and model, you should contact car dealers near you for quotes—before mentioning your military status. You can negotiate the price of the vehicle and come to terms, then ask about vehicle specials for veterans or military members. You may even be able to combine or bundle your military offer with other incentives; ask your dealer about restrictions.

Request a quote on a new Honda in Phoenix.

4. Verify your identification in advance.

To qualify for your bonus, you must provide proof of your military status. This can usually be done well in advance of visiting your dealer, either via an online service, email, or over the phone. Consult with your dealer for details, but plan on having and bringing the following forms of identification or documents with you:

  • Military I.D. – Active Duty, Ready Reserve, and retired military members should have an ID card. (If you need a new Military ID card, you can usually speak with your branch’s base or facility, or even someone at the VA, for assistance in requesting a replacement.)
  • DD 214 Discharge Papers – Any discharge from the U.S. Military will come with discharge papers (Form DD 214 or similar). These can be originals, copied personally, or copied via the National Archives. Some automakers don’t require these documents, though it’s best to have them on-hand.
  • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) – Monthly LES documents provide proof of military status and tell financial institutions or banks that you’re able to afford monthly car loan payments solely on your military earnings, minus all supplemental or main income. An LES is required to be eligible for the Honda $500 Military Appreciation Offer.
  • Veterans I.D. – If you’re a veteran of the military, you may have a Veterans ID card. If you’ve misplaced or have yet to receive one, you can request a new ID card at or in person at your VA facility.
  • Online verification – Some dealers will offer the capability of confirming your military credentials online. Ask your dealer if this is available.
  • Spousal identification – Any spouse or family member of a U.S. Military member must provide proof of relationship. This can include a birth certificate or marriage certificate. Speak with your dealer for a list of other accepted documents.

5. Finance at the dealership.

While you can certainly get a military car loan at a bank or military-friendly credit union, you’ll want to seriously consider financing through your dealership to take full advantage of any manufacturer military program. These days, dealership car loans for veterans and current military service members can come with low interest rates that are comparable to the USAAs and PenFeds of the world.

6. Look for holiday & Veterans Day car sales.

Military vehicle incentives are typically available all year, though you may have the opportunity to save even more on certain U.S. holidays, including Memorial Day, July 4th, and, of course, Veterans Day.

Ready to buy? Check for any available Veterans Day Honda sales this year at our Valley Honda Dealers.

Honda Veterans Day Car Sales Phoenix

Get the most out of your service with the Honda Military Appreciation Offer!

We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for our country. To thank you for your service, our Phoenix Valley Honda Dealers are proud to offer $500 military bonuses to any veterans, retirees or military members serving at Luke AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB, Army Fort Huachuca or any other U.S. Military base or facility.

Contact any of our Arizona Honda dealerships for more details about the Honda Military Appreciation Offer. We have dealerships throughout the Phoenix Valley, including Prescott, Chandler, Surprise, Peoria, Mesa, Tempe, Avondale, and Scottsdale, AZ. Swing by this Veterans Day and save on your next new vehicle!


Honda – Honda is offering select U.S. Military individuals and their spouses $500 toward any 2019 or newer model year Honda automobile when you finance or lease through Honda Financial Services® (HFS). The Honda Military Appreciation Offer is limited to the 48 contiguous U.S. states, Alaska and Hawaii. For well-qualified clients, subject to approval by HFS. Only one $500 Honda Military Appreciation offer per vehicle. This offer applies to active duty and ready reserve personnel and their spouses. This offer also applies to eligible U.S. Military Veterans and their spouses within two years of separation from active service. Active Duty and Ready Reserve are also eligible regardless of the date of separation from active service. Spouses of U.S. Military Retirees are only eligible within two years of their spouses’ separation from service. All spouses must present proof of relationship. A valid Military Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) is required as proof of eligibility. Gold Star Family members must provide official military service documentation supporting Gold Star status. Please see dealer for list of accepted documents. Offer cannot be combined with Zero Due at Signing Lease Program. Offer not valid on Honda Certified Used Car or used vehicles. Offer valid through 03/31/2021 and may be terminated at any time. NOTE: During the term of the retail installment finance contract or lease with Honda Financial Services, buyer may not take their vehicle outside the United States without prior written consent of Honda Financial Services. During the term of the retail installment finance contract or lease, buyer must notify Honda Financial Services immediately of any change in buyer’s address. Offer valid through March 31, 2021, unless terminated earlier by HFS.