Redesigned 2022 Honda Civic: A First Look

Now that Honda has pulled back the curtain on its stunning Civic Prototype, your Valley Honda Dealers are pleased to offer you a tantalizing preview of the completely reimagined 2022 version of Honda’s best-selling Civic compact that will arrive at a Honda dealership near you annnnnnnnnny minute. Can’t you feel the excitement? We can. Here’s what the all-new Civic is bringing to the table.

Boldly Going Where No Civic Has Gone Before

The original two-door Honda Civic arrived in America in July 1972 as a 1973 model. With the 1973 oil crisis in full swing, the fuel-efficient little Civic immediately captured the attention of car buyers eagerly seeking a thrifty and reliable daily driver that would go a long way on a tank of gas.

Nearly 50 years and 10 generations later, the once humble Civic has risen to become one of the most popular and successful Japanese imports ever introduced to U.S. car buyers. According to a recent automotive industry survey*, the 10th-generation Civic has been America’s most popular car four years in a row.

You would think that Honda’s top brass would heed the advice of that old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and keep the highly popular Civic lineup status quo. But Honda didn’t get to where it is today as one of the world’s most successful and innovative automakers by standing pat on a winning hand. Instead, Honda’s engineers and designers went all-in and took the bold step of reimagining the 11th-generation Civic from the ground up. The result of this audacious gamble is an all-new Civic for the 21st Century that is utterly breathtaking in design and thoroughly modern in cutting-edge technology.

Sleek. Stunning. Sporty.

Honda’s designers kick the Civic’s characteristically sporty good looks up a couple of notches with a fresh new take for 2022 that’s sure to get heads turning. The new Civic is a real stunner with revamped sheet metal that features a wide, athletic stance, and crisp lines that accentuate its lithe, agile, and athletic new body.

As Jeff Perez of notes: “The 2022 Honda Civic sedan prototype features a brand-new front end with a more pronounced grille and sharper headlights with LED daytime running accents. The new cues are meant to give the Civic a meaner look, while also keeping the design relatively simple. The rest of the body, meanwhile, maintains the same athletic proportions and low ride height as the 10th-generation model on which it’s based, but looks a touch smoother with new side detailing, a crinkled C-pillar (a la Cadillac), and more pronounced detailing both front and back.”

In the rear, the Civic is bolder and more aggressive, with larger, split tail lights and a swept-up spoiler to improve aerodynamics. Dual exhaust outlets emphasize the sporty nature of the Civic even further.

Revamped Interior Gets Clean New Look

The revamped interior of the new 2022 Honda Civic is a dramatic departure from its predecessor, raising the bar with a spacious and refined cabin that is clean, uncluttered, and elegant – much like the all-electric Honda E’s minimalist design. Notably, it features a new digital dash and 9-inch full HD Display audio touchscreen that are firsts for the Civic lineup.

New Honda Civic Interior

“The most notable of the new elements is the honeycomb-like accent that stretches from below the touchscreen toward the passenger-side dash,” says Perez. “Look closer and you’ll notice that the trim piece conceals the HVAC vents, giving the impression of one continuous design element. And rather than embedded within the dash, the touchscreen now sits atop it.”

More Standard Safety Features

Taking automotive safety further than ever, the 2022 Civic will feature an enhanced version of the Honda Sensing® suite of advanced standard safety features. These include Collision Mitigation Braking System™, Road Departure Mitigation System™, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane-Keeping Assist, and Traffic Sign Recognition. 

An updated version of Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure makes the new Civic the safest yet.

More Fun to Drive

Civics are not only a great value, but they’re also fun to drive. That “let’s hit the road” spirit is wildly evident in the 2022 model, as the new Honda Civic will put even more sizzle on the pavement with a sport-tuned suspension and a choice of spirited and fuel-efficient power plants. (More details to come — contact our Honda dealers near Phoenix for updates.)

The 2022 Civic lineup will include the all-new Civic Sedan revealed here, as well as a new Civic Hatchback, and new high-performance Si and Type R models.

New 2022 Honda Civic Arriving in Late Spring

The completely reimagined 2022 Honda Civic is anticipated to arrive at your Valley Honda Dealers sometime in late spring 2021. Expect the final production version to closely resemble the stunning Civic prototype we’ve previewed here; although perhaps with some minor tweaks.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out our outstanding selection of new Civics for sale near Phoenix and the other new Honda vehicles coming out. It’s easy to request a quote on a new Honda at one of our conveniently located Phoenix Honda dealerships. 


Based on Urban Science DataHub™ retail sales data among all passenger cars, 2016CY – 2020CYTD Sep.