If 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque sounds appealing to you, then the 2017 Honda Civic Type R might be your perfect car. Equipped with “a short-throw six-speed manual transmission,” this street legal ride is sure to delight your inner speed demon. In addition to its speedy nature, this hatchback has several attractive features, so let’s check them out.

It’s All in the Numbers

Business Insider reports that the Civic Type R is, “the fastest, most powerful Honda ever sold in America, [which] caps off the incredible success story of our 10th-generation Civic lineup.” The truth? It’s much better than that.

This front-wheel drive beauty recently hit the track in Germany at the Nürburgring track. The sporty hatch set a record clocking a time of 7 minutes, 43.80 seconds, beating other production cars in the same class that have flown down the track. Records were also set at five other European tracks by the CTR.

2017 Honda Civic_Type R

Two of the Civic Type R’s direct rivals at the German racetrack were the Ford Focus RS and the Volkswagen Gulf R. However, the Focus RS and Gulf R both struggle to meet the price point and performance value you are getting with the Civic Type R. Both on and off the track, the value of the 2017 Type R seems to be out-muscling the competition.

Boosting Performance

As we all know, a lighter car moves more quickly. That’s why Honda has taken the time to boost performance by lowering the overall body weight of this fast hatch. Other upgrades have also been added to provide superior handling and safety while you hug the curves of the road. “Performance upgrades on the Type R include a brand-new Dual-Axis front suspension, adaptive steering, and four-wheel adaptive dampers. In addition, Honda has stiffened the new Type R’s body by as much as 45% while reducing weight by 35 pounds.” The engine compartment also houses a 2.0 liter, turbocharged inline-four-cylinder. 

2017 Honda Civic Type R Performance

A Brief History

The Civic was first offered by Honda in 1973. Prior to producing a reliable passenger vehicle and hatchback, Honda was well-known for its motorcycles. Early promotional ads for the Civic highlighted the fact that the sedan had more interior room than other vehicles in the same class. Both the hatchback and sedan were available to U.S. customers, with the first-year Civic putting out just 50 horsepower. “Transmissions offered included a four-speed manual or a two-speed “Hondamatic” automatic gearbox. An all-independent suspension made the Civic an agile econobox that could run circles around American-built competitors like the Ford Pinto and Chevrolet Vega.” With a starting price of $2,200, the Civic represented Honda’s philosophy of providing a car that would “get you where you’re going.”

Current Market Trends

Here in Phoenix and across America, where muscle car comebacks are dominating the marketplace, consumers are continuing to hunt for the right balance of budget and performance. Honda is a perennial addition to Kelley Blue Books’ “Best Of” lists for 2017. Rivaled by few others, Honda’s stellar reputation continues to put them at the head of the class with American buyers.

Certain high-performance Hondas have only been available in European markets—until now. Primarily engineered and designed in Japan, the new Civic Type R is assembled in England but is awaiting your test drive session right here at our Valley Honda Dealers near Tempe! The Civic Type R is a road rebel that will definitely get you where you’re going, whether it’s around the Tempe and Scottsdale streets or your own Nürburgring-like track.

Locate your nearest Prescott or Mesa Honda dealership online, and our Honda experts will gladly schedule a test drive in this record-breaking Civic Type R, or any other new Honda or pre-owned car we have for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our current Honda deals, and let’s get you out on the road.


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