The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is Changing Toward the Future

We may breathe in the present, but we live for the future. And the future sure looks like fun if you consider Honda’s fuel-efficient Clarity Fuel Cell as the next generation of vehicle. Here’s what you need to know about this new hydrogen-powered sedan that only Honda could’ve built from scratch.

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All About the New Clarity FC

Although the all-new Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is effectively powered by hydrogen, the Hindenburg it certainly is not (we’ve come a long way in 90 years). Its fuel cell partners up with the electric motor to convert those hydrogen atoms into electricity, which translates into “instant acceleration with zero emissions.” The Clarity FC’s mile range sits at an estimated 366 miles—enough for you to get from our Phoenix or Prescott Honda dealerships to San Diego or L.A.—and the car can be plugged in and recharged at home or any California hydrogen fill-up station in as few as five minutes.

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Best yet, the fuel cell sits under the hood like a traditional engine or battery, which gives the Clarity FC Accord-like room to seat five passengers comfortably. It’s even quiet as all get-out because of its lack of pistons, spark plugs, and general engine drone. Other unique features to make life more enjoyable include:

  • Plastmacluster® Ion Technology – Keeps cabin odors at bay by destroying germs at the molecular level. (No more dingy gym socks stinking up your car!)
  • Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls – Like all new Honda models, the Clarity FC offers tech right at your literal fingertips. With the tap of a thumb, you can adjust volume, change radio stations, answer phone calls, and access vital information.
  • Head-Up Display – Your windshield becomes a projection screen with the Head-Up Display; keep your eyes on the road while also monitoring your speed, and stay safe out there.
  • LaneWatch™ – Sore necks, take a hike! With Honda’s standard LaneWatch tech, changing lanes is a breeze. Simply signal right and watch your center display screen as it’s fed a live feed from your passenger-side, blind spot and all.
  • Rain-Sensing Wipers – Not only do the Clarity Fuel Cell’s windshield wipers detect and squeegee rain, but they also help conserve washer fluid thanks to nozzles built straight into the wipers.
  • Audio Galore – The Fuel Cell is equipped with standard SiriusXM® Radio, HD Radio®, Pandora®, Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and Bluetooth capabilities. All that high-fidelity sound comes out of the 540W 12-speaker audio system.
  • Customizable Cupholders – Adjust the front cupholders to fit your coffee mugs and giant Slurpee cups.

When you purchase a Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, you qualify for Honda’s amazing fuel card ($15k worth of hydrogen fuel), several fuel cell tax credits, and rebates. Just ask a salesperson from your nearest Valley Honda Dealers location in Phoenix to discuss your Fuel Cell lease options, and we’ll take it from there.

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