For most people, Halloween is a time to carve pumpkins, hand out candy, and drive to a favorite trick-or-treating hotspot. For the brave few who expect goosebumps, raised hair, and elevated blood pressure on Halloween, nothing beats a good, old-fashioned haunted house. To those people, we salute you by offering our picks for best haunted houses in Phoenix. Let the scares begin!

The Crypt (Mesa, AZ)

Since 1999, this Mesa haunted house has been satisfying adrenaline junkies’ cravings and scaring the sweat out of people—and it’s bringing more of the same for 2018. From September 28 to Halloween night, nightmares will become reality at Mesa’s very own The Crypt. Choose from three terrifying attractions, and prepare to bring a change of skivvies if you want to keep your car seat soil-free.

13th Floor Haunted House (Phoenix, AZ)

What can go wrong in a strange, pitch-black, 60,000-square-foot maze buried 13 stories below ground? Open from September 28 to November 3, this intense Phoenix haunted house is one of the best in Arizona, if not the whole country. Visit the iconic 13th Floor this Halloween to discover what real nightmare-fuel tastes like.

Nightfall (Tucson, AZ)

Built within a small Wild West town, Nightfall is equal parts frightening and family-friendly. For adults: Haunted saloons, perilous gold mines, and dreary morgues filled to the brim with unspeakable and otherworldly creatures. For kids: The eerie Monster Safari Train, a freaky circus, and the quintessential Haunted Hay Ride through the hinterlands of this spooky town.

Field of Screams Corn Maze (Glendale, AZ)

Located at Tolmachoff Farms, this Glendale haunted attraction makes for the perfect Halloween activity for teens. As the area’s most unconventional haunted house, Field of Screams features much more than just a chilling corn maze. Both farm animals and demonic clowns roam the fields and pumpkin patch—the latter of which is open to pumpkin-pickers throughout the Halloween season.

Zombie WarZ (Chandler, AZ)

Can you and your team of misfits survive the zombie apocalypse with just a paintball gun? Test your aim and mental fortitude at Zombie WarZ, one of the best haunted attractions in Chandler. You’ll hunt down and slaughter the undead hordes without risking life and limb—then follow it up with a nice cold pint.

The Haunted Graveyard (Scottsdale, AZ)

Only open from October 27 to 31, The Haunted Graveyard will bring every one of your fears to life. Each screech and creak, each distant howl, each eerie flickering light—there’s a lot to fear when venturing through the sinister cemetery. As far as Scottsdale haunted houses go, this yearly Halloween event is difficult to beat.

Mount Mayhem (Phoenix, AZ)

This Halloween, evil balances the tightrope at Phoenix’s Mount Mayhem. For 2018, the Dark Carnival (Zirkus) will feature torturous mazes, ominous fortune tellers, and the goriest freak show the world’s ever seen. Although built in a private backyard, this Phoenix haunted circus is as real as it gets.

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(Oh, and have a frightfully fun Halloween!)




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