Halloween’s coming up, and you’re probably wondering how to impress your friends with a brilliant and creative costume. While you’re brainstorming, we thought we’d share a few costumes that certainly lowered the bar. Don’t try these at home unless you want to make our “Worst Costume List” in 2018.

The Perfect Arizona Camouflage?

Green sweatshirt? Check. White pipe cleaners? Check. Now all you have to do is con your grandma into sewing the spines on your spiffy new saguaro cactus costume! Or if you’re too embarrassed to ask for her help, grab a stapler and have at it yourself. You’re sure to blend in perfectly with your Phoenix backyard’s natural landscape! 

Little Weatherman 


Hurricane Harvey will likely and unfortunately inspire a few Halloween get-ups, and this kid nailed it with his weatherman costume. We include this outfit in our list of “fails” because it does a great job of making fun of the news reporters who get stuck on the hurricane beat. But nice touch with that windblown trash, kid.

Wonder Wig-Out!


Wonder Woman is big this year, and the lady above owns her unusual Gal Gadot lookWe’ll cut her some slack for swapping out the boots for sensible shoes, as well as her other accessories; after all, a good wallop with a fine leather handbag rivals capture by a golden lasso any day, and no super power can protect you better than a pair of adult diapers when public restrooms are scarce! 

Breaking Baby


Walter White from Breaking Bad is still a favorite among adults, but slapping a goatee and porkpie hat on your wee, bald baby probably won’t win him “Best Costume” at daycare. Whatever happened to Disney characters from the good old days? Speaking of which…

Mixed Mythology


Jon Snow…White? Game of Thrones fans absolutely love to predict which of their favorite characters are related and who will hook up with whom. If the heroic protagonist of HBO’s acclaimed show ever hit it off with A Disney princess, their child would look something like this fella. But his clever outfit begs the question: what’s Tyrion Lannister’s Disney name? We vote for “Snarky.”

Trick or Treat, Officer!


Amaze your fellow drivers and DPS officials with this doozy of a Halloween costume! Look closely; the driver made an outfit out of an old car seat and even added a matching view screen to the passenger headrest. Legend has it he had a lot of fun in the fast food drive-thru lanes. Our Valley Honda Dealers near Phoenix certainly understand the value of helping you find a car that’s a perfect fit, but this may be a bit over the top.

Nostalgia or Nausea?


If you could be anything, just for one night, would you want to be stuck wearing this tracksuit straight out of the 80s? We didn’t think so. It wasn’t stylish 30 years ago, and it isn’t stylish today. If we’re lucky, it won’t be stylish ever. 

My Little Po…No, Thank You


Never, ever let your kid dress up in this My Little Pony costume. Nope. Don’t do it. Your child’s tears of disappointment will pale in comparison to the straight-up screams she’ll induce with this horrifying rendition of a classic children’s cartoon. (And don’t get us started on “Bronies.”)

Mach Five-Year-Old 


How can you go wrong with a Speed Racer costume? Start by putting a miniature version of the Mach 5 right around your nether regions, and you’ll be well on your way. A good Halloween costume for a kid? Sure. But if you’re zipping this up as an adult, it might be time to grow up and get a real ride (as far as segues go, this is perfect).

At our Honda dealerships near Scottsdale, AZ, we can absolutely help you get that Big Boy or Big Girl vehicle—and you won’t have to don an ugly yellow scarf or gloves, either! Come take a look at our used cars and brand-new Honda models, like the 2018 Honda Odyssey or Accord, and drive home in a winner. We’ve even got multiple Honda lease deals and financing offers so you can save up for a good Halloween costume this year. Click to find your local Valley Honda Dealers location near Peoria, Phoenix, or Scottsdale today!



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