Sure, you could celebrate Star Wars Day (that’s May 4, FYI) by installing a boring Darth Vader seat cover in your Civic, but you’d be following the path of millions of other Star Wars fans. Why not live a little and shoot for an eleven parsec Kessel Run with some of these unique Star Wars car accessories? Even if your car isn’t as cool as Han Solo’s ride, that doesn’t mean it can’t be cooler than every other vehicle in Phoenix.

Chewbacca Seatbelt

“Brawrrrrrr! Grwaarrrrrrghh! WAAAAARK!” Chewy says to buy this Star Wars seatbelt cover for May 4. And we don’t recommend crossing this Wookiee.

Make Etsy Your New BFF

This May 4, turn to Etsy to find some one-of-a-kind Star Wars car add-ons. Just a 60-second perusal of the Etsy shop unveiled these masterpieces that even George Lucas would be jealous of:

  • X-Wing Hood Decal – Become a rebel with a squad of X-Wings on the hood of your Accord.
  • Star Wars Family Stickers – Showcase your family tree in stormtrooper form with these vinyl decals.
  • Kidnapped Chewy – Something’s in the trunk of your Honda Civic, and it’s not happy….
  • Imperial Tire Cover – If you’ve got an older CR-V or Pilot and need to give it some Star Wars-style oomph, wrap the spare tire with this tire cover.
  • Boba Fett Hitch Cover – Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter from a galaxy far, far away can tag along for your next adventure. Just smack it on your Ridgeline’s hitch and set your sights on the desert dunes around Tempe.

BB-8 USB Car Charger

R2-D2 will never be replaced in our hearts, but our car’s cupholders are a different story. This cool BB-8 droid sits perfectly in your Civic’s storage area and keeps up to two smart devices charged up and ready for your next battle with a Tie-Fighter—or, you know, when you’re waiting in Phoenix traffic. Plus, its head movies, and you may even hear a cute beep when your phone hits 100%.

Star Wars Key Chain Holder

May the (magnetic) force be with you! This Star Wars keychain uses magnets (see?) so that you can plop your car keys on the fridge, your desk, or just about anywhere with a metallic base.

Star Wars Travel Mug

If you’re like most Phoenix drivers, you need your caffeine fix every morning, and that fix usually comes in the form of liquefied java. Replace your old coffee cup with a new Star Wars travel mug, and each sip will taste as delicious as the last. Collect a few if you really want to tell your office mates that you’d probably give a kidney to George Lucas if he needed one.

X-Wing Motorcycle Helmet

X-Wing Motorcycle Helmet

You won’t find many Honda bikes at our Valley Honda Dealers near Phoenix, but that doesn’t mean we turn our noses at motorcycle safety! Your standard black-on-black motorcycle helmet might do the job, but it doesn’t look at awesome as this X-Wing pilot’s helmet. Keep your brain protected while showing off your love for the Rebellion!

Star Wars Bobbleheads

Sold at retailers across the country, Funko’s bobblehead figurines include just about every Star Wars character you could imagine. Whether your spirit animal is Chewy, Rey, or Mr. Handsome himself, you’ll surely have no trouble finding a Star Wars bobblehead with which to adorn your Honda dashboard.

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May the “fourth” be with you! And don’t forget: If you’re in need of a car to go along with your new Star Wars accessories, head to your Valley Honda Dealers location near Phoenix, AZ. We have a great assortment of used cars for sale and special offers on new Honda models, including the award-winning 2018 Honda Accord.





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