Congratulations on the purchase of your new Honda! (Haven’t gotten one yet? What are you waiting for? Honda produces some of the best-engineered, best-looking and safest vehicles on the road.) Whether you’ve just signed on the dotted line or you’re narrowing down your choices between the superb 2017 and 2018 Honda models, you’ll want to know how to care for and maintain it. Here are some car care tips from the folks at Honda, who know better than anyone how to treat that new or certified pre-owned Honda like the king or queen of the garage.

Feed it Right

Using the proper high-quality gasoline is essential to keeping your Honda engine running in tip-top condition, so try to steer clear of no-name gas brands and stick with the top name brands like Shell, Mobil, Exxon, etc. Even more important, look for “Top-Tier Detergent” brands of gas; that should help to prevent a build-up of deposits inside your engine and fuel system (kind of like the difference between your body running on healthy fruits, veggies and lean protein rather than fast food and sugary drinks).

Here in the dry deserts surrounding Phoenix and Prescott, we’re not inundated with ice and snow, so summer-blend fuels are generally fine for your Honda. In fact, using a winter-blend fuel could actually “percolate” in your warm-weather-acclimated vehicle, and that’s something you definitely want to avoid!

Another thing to avoid like the plague is gasoline containing the additive MMT (short for Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl). This additive contains metal manganese, which has been known to contaminate engine parts and exhaust emission control systems, resulting in lower fuel economy and a loss of performance. Even worse, the damage caused by MMT may not be covered under your warranty, leaving you holding the bag for repairs or parts replacement.

Finally, refer to your Honda owner’s manual for the proper octane to use in your vehicle, and don’t “cheat” by using a lower octane to save money. If you do, you’ll end up with a knocking sound and the low-grade octane fuel will eventually cause damage to your engine. If you really want to save money, check out the current car offers at our Phoenix Honda dealers!

honda dealer service department

Use Your Honda Dealer’s Service Department!

To ensure you’re getting the best care for your Honda, it’s important to take advantage of your dealership’s service department. It makes sense—they’re trained to service Hondas and know your vehicle inside and out, unlike a townie mechanic that works on a wide variety of makes and models. It’s like the difference between seeing a general practitioner versus a doctor who specializes in a specific medical field. But unlike a good GP who’ll usually refer you to the specialist, a mechanic who’s looking for business won’t typically refer you to a Honda dealer for maintenance. Take Honda’s advice: go to your factory-trained Honda mechanic for regular service.

At Valley Honda Dealers, we have several Honda service centers throughout Phoenix, Peoria, and Scottsdale, AZ. Just click to find your nearest Arizona Honda dealership and schedule service.

Keep Up Your Maintenance Schedule

The best thing you can do to keep your Honda purring is to be faithful to its recommended maintenance schedule. Be sure it’s getting regular oil changes, tune-ups, brake inspections, tire rotations, and genuine Honda car parts. Our Honda dealerships near Phoenix always use authentic Honda parts, plus Honda-produced fluids like oil, antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. Having your car serviced at one of our local dealership’s Honda service center ensures that you’re getting exactly what is needed, when it’s needed.

Don’t leave your brand-new 2017 or 2018 Honda to fend for itself. Feed it right, care for it like a long-lost child, and make sure you’re giving it some TLC. You may very well be thanking yourself a decade down the line for being so proactively pro-car care. For more Honda maintenance tips or to request a quote on a new vehicle, locate and contact your nearby Valley Honda Dealers showroom. Let us get to work so you don’t have to worry about breaking down miles down the road.