As a local driver, it certainly isn’t a shock to learn that Arizona ranked once again in the Top 10 Worst Drivers in America. Whether you are dropping your kids off at school in Surprise or sitting at a stoplight in Chandler, you probably see a healthy representation of the worst and best driving habits found on the road today. Check out the most common practices that affect your daily commute.


It seems like everybody has a cell phone now. However, it is the worst habit to use your phone in any way while driving. It takes three seconds to glance away from the road and to refocus your attention. Whether you are navigating the crowded streets of Phoenix or heading out to Superstition Springs on an empty freeway, it is now illegal to touch, text, or hold your phone. The best drivers lock their distraction device in the glove compartment or their purse while on the road.

Don't text and drive!


One of the most irritating and dangerous things you can encounter when driving through Tempe is the lack of use of turn signals. How are you supposed to know when someone is going to slow down to take a turn? More fender benders are caused every year by drivers who failed to indicate their next move. If you are teaching your teen to drive, give them the best habits by having them use their signal every time they turn at an intersection on their way home to Mesa.


Is it a surprise that more than half of the people who died in car crashes during 2016 were not wearing their seat belts? Drivers and passengers who make it a habit to buckle up before they put it in gear are less likely to suffer from debilitating injuries in an accident. If you think it won’t happen to you because Prescott and Scottsdale have such safe roads, take note that the average driver will be in four auto accidents in their lifetime. It takes just a second to buckle up, and that can pay you back with years of safer driving.


How often have you hit a wide open road outside of Avondale and been tempted to put the pedal down? Giving it a little gas may not seem like the worst thing a driver can do, but your vehicle will struggle to respond in an emergency. Your steering wheel has a harder time turning at high speeds, and your braking system isn’t designed to stop the car in that situation. The drivers with the highest safety records adhere to speed limits, which are created in response to everyday traffic and that specific area’s road conditions.

Routine Maintenance

No matter if you drive a brand new Honda Civic or a pickup with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, regular visits to your service center help ensure that the tires, headlights, suspension, and airbag system are all in good order. If you ignore the signs of wear and tear, your car could become a hazard by leaving debris on the road for the next vehicle to hit.

Routine Car Maintenance

Your local Valley Honda Dealers want to help you become a driver with the best habits. We can help when you schedule your next oil change and vehicle inspection with your local Honda service center today.