As we all know, personality tests and horoscopes are founded on infallible science that can’t be denied—the same science that proves gravity exists and 1+2=3. So how can you debunk the idea that your choice in car paint color is directly related to your feelings, thoughts, and overall psyche? (You can’t.)

Ever wonder what your favorite car color says about your personality? We’re here to tell you.

Ralleye Red

You live for the unexpected, both at play and at work because the status quo is meant to be shattered. Your fearless and outgoing nature makes you a strong leader, though you’re quite capable of serving a greater good—should you choose to.

Your horoscope: Take advantage of the opportunities nearest to you, but feel free to dream grander dreams and explore the world from inside your HR-V. (Just stick to the speed limit.)

Silver Metallic

Always the decision-maker of your group, you take great pride in living by the motto: “waste not, want not.” Deep breaths, a strong sense of intuition, and a practical approach to everything has gotten you this far, so why change? After all, you thoroughly enjoy life in your Clarity PHEV and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your horoscope: A new adventure awaits. Take an invigorating road trip over fall break and #treatyoself to a gift—a pedicure, new slacks, a set of lavender-scented candles—before heading back to the daily grind.

Black Pearl

Unlike most Americans, you were born to wear business attire. Mysterious yet approachable, you strive to sell, to banter, to flirt, to debate—all with a goal of forming or strengthening a relationship. You’re not afraid to make new friends, though not everyone can live up to the high bar you set.

Your horoscope: If it feels like you need a change, that’s the universe telling you to check out the latest Accord Touring. Decked out in all the fanciest new automotive features, the Accord 2.0T is right up your alley.

Platinum White

Picky and fussy, you can be difficult to please, especially when taken out of your comfort zone. You thrive best in your calendars, and to-do lists are essential if you expect to remain productive. Still, you’re prideful, honest, pure to your beliefs, and are notorious for keeping your car organized and impossibly clean.

Your horoscope: New projects or problems may arise, leaving you an overwhelmed mess. Take a step back and ask for help, even from a stranger. A trip to the car wash may also soothe your soul and present those challenges in a new light.

Blue Crystal

A confident driver from the age of 16, you’ve always been a stable contributor to the family and a strong voice of reason. Honesty is your best trait, though you have many that are admired, including compassion, optimism, and wisdom beyond your years.

Your horoscope: Strategize new ways in which you can make positive changes to your life. A new blue Honda Odyssey or something as simple as an afternoon visit to the mall with friends could do the trick.

Metallic Green

Green cars, like the Energy Green Civic Coupe, are an endangered species—just like you. You’re a rare breed of driver who has a strong sense of self and cares not how people see you. As the saying goes, you march to the beat of your own drummer, and that’s what makes you a winner.

Your horoscope: Your flexible and gregarious nature will be a key asset in another aspect of your life. Keep your eyes open for new chances to strut your stuff with that bright Civic SI leading the charge.

Yellow Pearl

Hakuna Matata—that’s how you go about your day. When you drive, you sing at the top of your lungs and are never without a smile. Imaginative humor is your go-to way to bond with friends, coworkers, and strangers, and you’re not afraid to announce your arrival at a party.

Your horoscope: Although you may not be a morning person, you should take steps to get up early this week. Head to a local café for breakfast, go for a jog, or simply pack up your Honda Fit for a weekend camping trip in Phoenix or somewhere nearby. The world is your oyster in the a.m.

Bright Orange

Some may label you a hipster for driving an orange car, but that’s just their opinion, man. You’re a savvy spender, always shopping for sales and discounts, and your orange Honda Fit was a great deal. You’d rather invest your hard-earned money in something of quality rather than pamper yourself at a spa.

Your horoscope: Begin connecting with a new group of colleagues or friends to open new avenues for career advancement. You’ll get a sudden flash of insight when the right opportunity arises.

Burgundy Pearl

You’re the laidback person at the office, the down-to-earth friend everyone wants to hang with. Though some may consider you a procrastinator, your priorities are more focused on intangible aspects rather than the material, and you are content living a no-frills life if needed. You are also a very cautious driver who has few if any experiences dealing with car crashes—luckily.

Your horoscope: Don’t just follow your gut when making the next big decision; common sense will serve you much better. Concentrate on upping your personal happiness level, even if that means leaving your Burgundy Night Pearl Civic in the driveway.

Which Honda Is Right For You?

Which Honda Is Right For You?

Maybe it’s time to do a Freaky Friday-type body-switch. If you’re the typical red-car driver but want to enjoy life as an orange-car driver, now’s your chance to change your stars. Visit your nearest Phoenix Valley Honda Dealer to get a rundown of the entire Honda vehicle lineup. From bright yellows to standard whites, the car color swatches at our Arizona Honda dealerships run the gamut. Come to speak with one of our salespeople today.