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2014 Accord LX CVT Sedan

High-Tech. High-Style.

$22,755MSRP[1] 27/36est. mpg[2]

Imagine Anything. Get To Everything.

$22,945MSRP[3] 23/31est. mpg[2]

39 MPG Highway Rating

$18,390MSRP[1] 28/36est. mpg[2]

Like No Van Before.

$28,825MSRP[3] 19/28est. mpg[2]

The SUV ? Made Better

$29,670MSRP[3] 18/25est. mpg[2]

Have it all.

$27,380MSRP[3] 22/31est. mpg[2]

The Fit is Go!

$15,425MSRP[1] 27/33est. mpg[4]

Make your own road.

$29,575MSRP[3] 15/21est. mpg[2]

The Hybrid For Everyone.

$18,725MSRP[1] 41/44est. mpg[2]

Sport ? Hybrid

$19,995MSRP[1] 31/38est. mpg[2]


Now Playing: 2014 Teacher Appreciation - Landmark Elementary School
2014 Teacher Appreciation - Landmark Elementary School 3min 10sec
The Guys in Blue visited Landmark Elementary School in Glendale to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with Mr. Sidney Thomas. A dedicated science teacher who has been with the school for over 30 years, Mr. Thomas constantly makes science fun and engaging for his students. The Valley Honda Dealers hope that their contribution of new educational materials and resources will help him to continue making learning fun for many more years.
2014 Teacher Appreciation - Washington High School 3min 43sec
The Valley Honda Dealers celebrated Ms. Karen Bell-Zinn of Washington High School in Phoenix. We hope that our contribution will help her keep encouraging her students' artistic visions for years to come.